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Who are the Karaites?
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The Karaites are a Jewish sect which does not recognize the authority of the post-Biblical tradition incorporated in the Talmud and in the latter Rabbinic works.

Rejection of the authority of the Talmud does not mean that the Karaites consider it unlawful to consult it or to rely on it; it means only that they deny its heavenly origin and regard it as an original work of the Sages in interpretation of the written Torah, and therefore subject to the shortcomings inherent in any handiwork of mortal men uninspired by heaven. There are a number of reasons why Karaites cannot acknowledge the authority of the oral Torah:

 1. The word “Torah” (in the sense of Divine Instruction) is always used in the singular. Were the Mishnah a genuine (oral) Torah, surely somewhere in Scripture the existence of two Torahs would have been mentioned at least once.

2. Since the Mishnah is a commentary on the written Torah, what reason was there for the original injunction to preserve it only orally? Surely writing it down would have benefited Jewry by promoting agreement among the later Sages and reducing disagreement.

3. If the Tannaitic Sages have received their tradition through an interrupted chain of tridents going back to Moses himself, how could disagreement arise among them? They should have been of one mind in every particular.

4. The Torah is called perfect (Ps. 19:8). The Rabbanites say that it is perfect along with the Mishnah that accompanied it. If this is so, then the Mishnah is a completion of the written Torah. Why then did God order it not to be written down?

5. God surely had foreknown that someday the oral Torah would be in danger of being forgotten, and that it would become vital for its preservation to set it down in writing. Why then did He at first forbid its recording and thus expose His people to the dreadful risk of losing it altogether? The truth must be in the opposite direction: When the Sages saw that the unity of the people and the preservation of the oral Torah was in jeopardy, they invented the fiction of its having been revealed to Moses simultaneously with the written Torah, and of the ordained delay in its recording until that time, when circumstances made it imperative to reduce it to writing in order to prevent its loss.

Aside from the rejection of the authority of the post-Biblical tradition, there is no basic divergence between the Karaite and the Rabbanite dogmatic.

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