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How Long Should a Sermon Be?

Rabbi Greg Hershberg of Beth Yeshua International
in Macon, Georgia, addresses the question.

I have recently read a few church surveys that sought to find out the average length of sermons in American churches, and I was totally shocked to read that the average Sunday morning message is about 20 minutes long. In the first of these two messages Rabbi Greg cites a different survey that found out across denominational lines the average sermon length is 20 to 28 minutes!

In over 35 years of pastoral and Bible-teaching ministry I have never found it either practical or possible to thoroughly exposit any passage of Scripture in less than 40 minutes. All of the seminary classes I taught in Systematic Theology were three hours long, and most of the messages I have delivered in churches were 45 to 60 minutes long. Understand that I have never believed in the traditional 3-point topical message that is taught in most seminaries. Rather, I have always (with a few rare exceptions) tried to exposit the Scriptures using a solid hermenutic approach. That is, I have tried to simply explain what the Biblical text says and what it means, and let each individual seek his or her own “application.”

It has always amazed me how easy it is for self-proclaimed Believers to watch a sporting event that is two or three hours long or a movie that is 90 minutes or longer without losing interest, but start looking at their watches 20 minutes into a teaching from the Bible and squirming in their seats after 30 minutes.

Let’s see what Rabbi Greg has to say on the subject.

Oct. 20, 2018. How Long Should a Sermon Be (part 1)

Oct. 27, 2018. How Long Should a Sermon Be (part 2)



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