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Please Note: Nothing on this website should be taken as anti-Church. I am not anti-anything or anyone. I am only pro-Torah and pro-Truth. Sometimes the Truth upsets our long-held beliefs. Why isn’t my theology consistent throughout this website?

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Beit Midrash
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Please Note Well — It is not my intent to belittle, unduly criticize, or “bash” anyone who may hold religious persuasions or opinions other than my own. Even though I may absolutely and totally disagree with your opinion, I will defend to the death your God-given right to hold it. Since this website was originally launched in 1995, I have continually held the position that I am not “anti-”anybody; I am only pro-Truth [click here for the definition of “Truth”].
   I firmly believe that it can be proven with absolute certainty that the Bible, and the Bible only, is the revealed Word of God, and is the standard by which all knowledge and opinion must be judged. Information on this website that concerns non-Biblical religious beliefs is provided for the sole purpose of comparing those beliefs with the Revealed Truth of the Bible. I also attempt to demonstrate how far the Body of Messiah has drifted from its Jewish origins. We earnestly await the return of Messiah and the “Restoration of All Things” as promised by the prophets. If you disagree with my position, please click this link before emailing me.

Mormon Marriage

Marriage in Mormonism has two forms: marriage for time and marriage for eternity (or celestial marriage).

Marriage for time is for those who prefer it. Mormon men and women are sure that there is no exaltation (elevation to godhood) to be had unless they are married for time and eternity. Mormon women believe that there can be no salvation for them unless they are married. Thus plural marriages were accepted and encouraged until the practice was stopped by legal prosecution. Some plural marriages were supposedly for both time and eternity, and they had been practiced for some time before Joseph Smith’s “revelation” on the practice was announced publicly by Brigham Young in 1852. Polygamy was abolished to comply with the Constitutional law in 1890, but some of the plural marriages contracted before that date were allowed to continue.

According to Mormon doctrine, celestial marriages are continually producing spirit children who are waiting to be born of mortal parents so they can then earn “salvation” to the Celestial Kingdom. It follows that a good Mormon will have as many wives and children as possible so these spirit children can be born.

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