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If your life is not in jeopardy for what you believe, you’re probably on the wrong side!

Please Note Well — It is not my intent to belittle, unduly criticize, or “bash” anyone who may hold religious persuasions or opinions other than my own. Even though I may absolutely and totally disagree with your opinion, I will defend to the death your God-given right to hold it. Since this website was originally launched in 1995, I have continually held the position that I am not “anti-”anybody; I am only pro-Truth [click here for the definition of “Truth”].
   I firmly believe that it can be proven with absolute certainty that the Bible, and the Bible only, is the revealed Word of God, and is the standard by which all knowledge and opinion must be judged. Information on this website that concerns non-Biblical religious beliefs is provided for the sole purpose of comparing those beliefs with the Revealed Truth of the Bible. I also attempt to demonstrate how far the Body of Messiah has drifted from its Jewish origins. We earnestly await the return of Messiah and the “Restoration of All Things” as promised by the prophets. If you disagree with my position, please click this link before emailing me.

Cults and World Religions

In this section …

Folder Icon Cults and World Religions

Folder IconCults


What is a Cult?

Changes Cults Make

Cultic Commitment

Evaluating and Encountering Cults

Guidelines for Witnessing to Cultists

The Seduction Syndrome

Jehovah's Witnesses

Folder Icon“Messianic” Cults

“Sacred Name” Heresy

“Two House” / “Two Stick” Heresy

Folder IconMormons (Latter-Day Saints)

Meet the Mormons

Joseph Smith's First Vision

Origin and History of Mormonism

Mormon Marriage

The Book of Mormon

The Vocabulary of Mormonism

The “Jesus” of the Mormons

We Are “Christians” because ...

Reorganized LDS Church

Folder IconOther Cults


Messiah or the Lodge

Shriners and Allah

The Obama-Messiah Cult

Folder Icon World Religions

Babylon Mystery Religion




Folder IconIslam

The Rise of Islam

The History of Islam

Five Pillars of Islam

Six Doctrines of Islam

Major Sects of Islam

Minor Sects of Islam

The Vocabulary of Islam

The Adhan

Islam and the Bible

Allah Is Not God

The “Jesus” of Islam

The Twelfth Imam

Messiah and the Mahdi

Death to Infidels

Can a “Good Muslim” Be A “Good American”?

A “Moderate” Muslim Speaks Out

Palestinian National Covenant

Hamas Charter

“Moderate” Islam Does Not Exist

Muslim Response

A Messianic Jew Responds

The Apostate “Church” - Prominent Evangelical “Christian Leaders” Who Don’t Know Who God Is

What America Needs to Understand About Radical Islam

Folder Icon Vocabulary of World Religions

The Vocabulary of Buddhism

The Vocabulary of Confucianism

The Vocabulary of Hinduism

The Vocabulary of Islam

The Vocabulary of Jainism

The Vocabulary of Shintoism

The Vocabulary of Sikhism

The Vocabulary of Taoism

The Vocabulary of Zoroastrianism



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