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“… out of Tziyon will go forth Torah, the word of ADONAI from Yerushalayim.”
(Isaiah 2:3)

If your life is not in jeopardy for what you believe, you’re probably on the wrong side!
“Indeed, all who want to live a godly life united with the Messiah Yeshua will be persecuted.” (2Tim 3:12)
It is what you actually believe that determines how you walk out your faith, “but avoid stupid controversies, genealogies, quarrels and fights about the Torah; because they are worthless and futile.” (Titus 3:9)

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Please Note: Nothing on this website should be taken as anti-Church. I am not anti-anything or anyone. I am only pro-Torah and pro-Truth. Sometimes the Truth upsets our long-held beliefs. Why isn’t my theology consistent throughout this website?

Cults and World Religions

The Vocabulary of

Ahimsa: The practice of non-violence and reverence for life. Ahimsa forbids the taking of animal life at any level.

Digambaras: The sect of Jainism that insists on going naked, as did the Mahavira, when duty called for it.

Five Great Vows: The principle of self-denial, central to Jain belief, which includes the renunciation of (1) killing living things, (2) lying, (3) greed, (4) sexual pleasure, and (5) worldly attachments.

Mahavira (60 ft statue)

Jains: The designation for the disciples of Mahavira the Jina (the Conqueror.)

Jina: Literally, “the conqueror.” The designation given to Mahavira for his achievement of victory over his bodily desires. His disciples were thus named Jains.

Mahavira: An honorific title meaning “great man,” given to the founder of Jainism.

Nirgrantha: Literally, “naked one.” A person who practices asceticism in accordance with Jain principles.

Sallakhana: The rite of voluntary self-starvation which, according to tradition, took the life of Mahavira’s parents.

Shvetambaras: “The white clad,” one of the two main sects of Jainism. The Shvetambaras are the liberal wing who believe in wearing at least one garment in contrast to the Digambaras, who insist on wearing nothing when duty demands.

Sthanakvasis: A Jain sect that worships everywhere, not allowing for idols or temples.

Tirthankara: A savior being. According to Jain belief, Mahavira is the 24th Tirthankara, the last and greatest of the savior beings.

Twelve Angas: The part of the sacred scriptures of Jainism which holds the foremost position.

Venerable One: One of the titles given to the Mahavira by his later disciples.

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