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Psalm 151

Psalm 151 is recognized as Deuterocanonical Scripture by the Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox Churches.

~ 1 ~

This Psalm is a genuine one of David, though extra,[1a] composed when he fought in single combat with Goliath.

1I was small among my brothers,
and youngest in my father’s house.
I tended my father’s sheep.[1b]
2My hands formed a musical instrument,
and my fingers tuned a lyre.[2]
3Who shall tell my Lord?
The Lord Himself, He Himself hears.
4He sent forth His angel and took me from my father’s sheep,
and He anointed me with His anointing oil.[4]
5My brothers were handsome and tall;
but ADONAI didn’t take pleasure in them.
6I went out to meet the Philistine,[6a]
and he cursed me by his idols.[6b]
7But I drew his own sword and beheaded him,[7]
and removed reproach from the children of Israel.


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