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HaShem Judges Sin

~ 6 ~

“Those at Ease in Zion”

 6:1Woe to those who are at ease in Tziyon,
      And to those who are secure on the mountain of Shomron,
      The notable men of the chief of the nations,
      To whom the house of Yisra'el come!

 6:2Go to Kalneh, and see;
      And from there go to Chamat the great;
      Then go down to Gat of the Pelishtim.

 Are they better than these kingdoms?
      Or is their border greater than your border?

 6:3Those who put far away the evil day,
      And cause the seat of violence to come near;
      6:4Who lie on beds of ivory,
      And stretch themselves on their couches,
      And eat the lambs out of the flock,
      And the calves out of the midst of the stall;
      6:5Who strum on the strings of a harp;
      Who invent for themselves instruments of music, like David;
      6:6Who drink wine in bowls,
      And anoint themselves with the best oils;
      But they are not grieved for the affliction of Yosef.

 6:7Therefore they will now go captive with the first who go captive;
      And the feasting and lounging will end.

 6:8"The Lord ADONAI has sworn by himself," says ADONAI, , the God Tzva'ot:
      "I abhor the pride of Ya`akov,
      And detest his fortresses.
      Therefore I will deliver up the city with all that is in it.

 6:9It will happen, if there remain ten men in one house,
      That they shall die.

6:10"When a man's relative carries him, even he who burns him, to bring bodies out of the house, and asks him who is in the innermost parts of the house, 'Is there yet any with you?' And he says, 'No;' then he will say, 'Hush! Indeed we must not mention the name of ADONAI.'

 6:11"For, behold, ADONAI commands, and the great house will be smashed to pieces,
      And the little house into bits.

 6:12Do horses run on the rocky crags?
      Does one plow there with oxen?

 But you have turned justice into poison,
      And the fruit of righteousness into bitterness;

 6:13You who rejoice in a thing of nothing, who say,
      'Haven't we taken for ourselves horns by our own strength?'

 6:6:14For, behold, I will raise up against you a nation, house of Yisra'el,"
      Says ADONAI, the God Tzva'ot;
      "And they will afflict you from the entrance of Chamat to the brook of the `Aravah."


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