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P’yilut HaSh'liakim
The Acts of the Emissaries

~ 19 ~

VII. Third Missionary Journey (18:23-21:14) [54-58 CE]

A. Into Galatia and Phyrgia (18:23)

B. Apollos Teaching at Ephesus and Corinth (18:24-28)

C. Rav Sha'ul at Ephesus with Yochannan the Immerser’s Disciples (19:1-7)

[Ephesus, 54-57 CE]

1While Apollos was at Corinth, [MAP] Sha'ulPaul traveled through the inland country and arrived at Ephesus, [MAP] where he found some talmidimdisciples. 2He asked them, “Did you receive Ruach HaKodeshthe Holy Spirit when you believed?”

“No,” they answered, “we’ve never heard of Ruach HaKodesh.”

3“Into what then were you immersed?” Sha'ul asked.

They said, “Into Yochanan’s immersion.”

4Sha'ul explained, “Yochanan practiced an immersion of turning from sin back to God, telling the people that they should trust the One Who would come after him, that is, Yeshua.”

5When they heard this, they were immersed in the name of the Lord Yeshua, 6and when Sha'ul had placed his hands on them, Ruach HaKodesh came upon them and so they began speaking in other languages and prophesying. 7They were about twelve men in all.

D. Rav Sha'ul in Ephesus for Nearly Three Years (19:8-41; see Ac 20:31)

1. Teaching in the School of Tyrannus (19:8-10)

 8Sha'ul entered the synagogue and spoke boldly over a period of three months, reasoning persuasively about the Kingdom of God.

9But when some of them became hardened and stubbornly refused to believe,[9] publicly slandering HaDerek,[GN] Sha'ul took his talmidim and left the synagogue, to conduct daily discussions in the school of Tyrannus. 10This went on for two years, so that everyone who lived in Asia [Minor], both Y’hudim and Greeks, heard the word of the Lord Yeshua.

2. Miracles Performed at Ephesus (19:11-22)

11God worked extraordinary miracles through the hands of Sha'ul, 12so that even handkerchiefs or aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, and the diseases and evil spirits left them. 13But some of the itinerant Y’hudim who were exorcists tried to invoke the name of the Lord Yeshua over those who had the evil spirits, saying, “I bind you by Yeshua, Whom Sha'ul proclaims.” 14Seven sons of Sceva, a chief priest of the Y'hudim, were doing this.

15The evil spirit answered, “Yeshua I know, and I recognize Sha'ul, but who are you?” 16The man who had the evil spirit leaped on them, overpowered them all, and overpowered them, so that they fled from the house naked and wounded.[16] 17This became known everyone who lived at Ephesus, both Y’hudim and Greeks. Fear fell on them all, and the name of the Lord Yeshua was magnified. 18Many who had become Believers came, confessing and disclosing their practices, 19 and many of those who practiced magic brought their books and began burning them in front of everyone. When the value of the books that had been burned was calculated, it came to fifty thousand pieces of silver.[19] 20So the word of the Lord continued to flourish and prevail.

21Now after these events were over, Sha'ul determined in the Ruach to go through Macedonia [MAP] and Achaia, [MAP] then go to Yerushalayim. [MAP] “After I have been there,” he said, “I must also see Rome.” [MAP]

22He sent two of his assistants, Timotheos and Erastus, into Macedonia, while he stayed in Asia [MAP] for a while.

3. Riots at Epheses (19:23-41)

 23About that time there a great disturbance arose about HaDerek.[GN] 24A silversmith named Demetrius, who made silver shrines of Artemis,[GN] provided a great deal of business to the craftsmen. 25When he had assembled the workmen somilar trades, he said, “Men, you know that we have gotten rich from this business. 26As you can see and hear, not just in Ephesus but almost throughout all Asia, this Sha'ul has persuaded many people to turn away, saying that these handmade gods are not gods! 27Not only is there danger that our business may come into disrepute, but also that the temple of the great goddess Artemis, whom all Asia and the world worships, will be discredited and her majesty destroyed.”

28When they heard this they became irate and began shouting, “Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!” 29The whole city was thrown into turmoil, and they rushed together into the theater[Photo], dragging along Gaius and Aristarchus, Macedonians who were Sha'ul’s traveling companions. 30When Sha'ul wanted to go in before the people, the disciples didn’t allow him. 31Even some of the provincial officials of Asia who were his friends sent word to him begging him to stay out of the theater. 32Meanwhile, some were shouting one thing and some another, because the assembly was in confusion. Most of them didn’t even know why they had gathered there. 33Some of the Y'hudim in the crowd pushed Alexander forward to explain himself. Alexander beckoned with his hand, and would have offered an explanation to the people. 34But when they realized that he was a Jew, they all chanted very loudly for about  two hours, “Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!”

35When the city clerk had finally quieted the crowd, he said, “Men of Ephesus, what man is there who doesn’t know that the city of the Ephesians is temple guardian of the great Artemis and her image that fell from heaven? 36Since these are undeniable facts, you should be quiet and do nothing rash. 37For you have brought these men here who are neither temple robbers nor blasphemers of our goddess. 38So if Demetrius and the craftsmen who are with him have a case against anyone, the courts are in session and there are proconsuls. Let them press charges against one another. 39But if you want something else, it must be settled in the legal assembly. 40In fact, we are at fisk of being charged with rioting for what happened today, since we can provide no justification for this disorderly gathering.” 41After he had said this, he dismissed the assembly.

[Sha'ul’s First Letter to Corinth written from Ephesus, 57 CE]

Chapter 20


 9. Some people make a deliberate decision to reject the Gospel of the Kingdom, and no manner of persuasion will change their mind. I once knew a woman who had been raised in a conservative Christian denomination, who could recite and explain the plan of salvation as well as anyone, but who stubbornly rejected the grace of God. She said that when she died she wanted to tell Yeshua that she had gotten to heaven on her own merit or not at all. So sad! [RETURN]

16. Are you connected enough to Yeshua for a demon to recognize you? If you choose go about randomly “binding” this “demon” or that “demon,” be extremely careful that you are not actually dealing with real demons. Unless the Holy Spirit directly instructs you to do so, you may find yourself in real trouble. [RETURN]

19. The 50,000 pieces of silver here probably referred to 50,000 drachmas. If so, the value of the burned books was equivalent to about 160 man-years of wages for agricultural laborers. [RETURN]

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