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בְּרֵאשִׁ֖ית • B'resheet
(“In Beginning” or “At First”)
The First Book of Moses,
Commonly Called


Yosef as a type of Yeshua

When reading the account of Yosef’s life, one is struck by the similarities of events in his life to some of the events in Yeshua’s life. Thus we say that Yosef was a “type” or “prefigure” of Yeshua. Here are some of those similarities.

Yosef Yeshua
Yosef was loved by his father more than all his other sons - Gen 37:3 Yeshua is loved by His Father (more than all His other sons) - Matt 3:17; 12:18; 17:5
Yosef was declared by his father to be his firstborn son - Note on Gen 37:3 Yeshua is declared by His Father to be the firstborn son - Rom 8:29; Col 1:15; 1:18; Heb 1:6; Rev 1:5
Yosef’s brothers did not believe him and hated him - Gen 37:4-5 Yeshua’s brothers did not believe Him - John 7:5
The Jewish leaders (his biological “bretheren”) hated Yeshua - John 15:24
Yosef’s brothers rejected his right to rule over them - Gen 37:8 The Jewish leaders rejected Yeshua’s right to rule over them - Luke 19:14
Yosef’s brothers conspired against him - Gen 37:23 The Jewish leaders conspired against Yeshua - Matt 27:1
They stripped Yosef of his garments -  Gen 37:23 They stripped Yeshua of His garments -  Matt 27:28
Yosef was sold for silver - Gen 37:28 Yeshua was sold for silver -  Matt 26:15
God prospered everything that Yosef put his hand to - Gen 39:3 God prospered everything that Yeshua put his hand to - Isa 53:10
All things were entrusted to Yosef -  Gen 39:4; Gen 39:22; Gen 41:40-41 God had entrusted Yeshua with all things - John 3:35
Yosef was tempted and did not sin -  Gen 39:9 Yeshua was tempted in all things yet was without sin - Hebrews 4:15
Yosef was bound - Gen 39:30 Yeshua was bound - Matthew 27:2
Yosef was condemned with two criminals - Gen 40:2, 3 Yeshua was crucified with two criminals - Luke 23:32
One criminal was given life and the other was condemned - Gen 40:21-22) Yeshua told one of the criminals "Today you shall be with me in paradise" - Luke 23:43
Yosef was trustworthy and wise -  Gen 41:39 God said about Yeshua "this is my beloved son in whom I well pleased" - Mark 1:11
Yosef’s brothers bowed their knee to him - Gen 41:43 "At the name of Yeshua every knee will bow" - Philippians 2:10
Yosef was 30 years old - Gen 41:46 Yeshua was "about 30 years old" - Luke 3:25
God planned the suffering of Yosef in advance to save many - Gen 50:21 Yeshua said "God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him shall be saved" - John 3:16
Yosef was made ruler over all of Egypt - Gen 41:42-44 Yeshua said "all power has been given unto me" - 8:18
Yosef married a foreign bride who shared his glory - Gen 41:45 Believers in Yeshua are "joint heirs" with him in his glory - Romans 8:17
Yosef was cast into a pit and then later delivered out of it - Gen 37:24, 28 When Yeshua died he descended into the lower parts of the earth, and later ascended into heaven - Ephesians 4:9
Yosef was imprisoned based on false charges - Gen 39:19, 20 During the trial of Yeshua false witnesses were brought in testifying against him - Mark 14:56
Yosef suffered in Egypt for the sake of his people Yeshua suffered in Israel for the sake of His people - John 18:14
Yosef’s brothers could not recognize him because he looked like a Gentile (an Egyptian) - Gen 42:8 Yeshua’s brothers (Israel) cannot now recognize Him because “the Church” has made Him look like a Gentile.
Yosef’s brothers later repented for what they did to him - Gen 42:7 Yeshua’s brothers (Israel) will repent for what they did to Him - Zech 12:10
In Egypt Pharaoh named Yosef Tzafnat-Pa‘neach or Zaphnath-paaneah, an Egyptian word for which there there is no Hebrew equivalent. “The LXX have Psonthom-phanek, which Jerome, on the authority of the Jews in Egypt, translates ‘saviour of the world.’” (Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers). Yeshua is called Savior of the world - John 4:4; 1John 4:14

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Comparison of 75 facts about Yosef and Yeshua
Adapted from Comparison list of 75 Yosef/Yeshua Shadows, Types, Antitypes and similarities (

1. Both were the product of a miraculous birth.

According to traditional Jewish chronology, Ya'akov (Jacob) was born in 1653 BCE (or 2108 AM) and Yosef was born in 1562 BCE (or 2199 AM), making Ya'akov 91 years old when Yosef was born. In any event, the Tanakh says that “Yosef was the son of his old age” (Gen 37:3)

Rachel was barren: Gen 29:31; Gen 30:22-24

Mary was a virgin: Matt 1:18; Matt 1:23 quoting Isa 7:14

2. Both spoke truth in exposing sinful behavior of others, knowing he would be hated and ostracized: Gen 37:2; Matt 15:12; Matt 23:1; Luke 20:19; John 7:7

3. Both were shepherds: Gen 37:2; John 10:11

4. Both were beloved sons of wealthy fathers: Gen 32:13-15 (see the NOTE on v.15); Gen 37:3; Matt 3:17; John 16:15; Ps 50:10

5. Both were hated by their brothers without a cause: Gen 37:4; Gen 37:8; John 15:25

6. Both were hated for telling the truth and prophesying: Gen 37:5; John 8:40; John 7:7; John 3:32

7. Both foretold of future exalted position as king: Gen 37:5-8; Matt 24:30-31; Matt 26:64

8. Both destined from birth to become kings: Gen 37:8; Matt 2:2; Matt 27:11; Matt 27:29; John 18:37

9. Both parents “treasured in their hearts” the news that their children would be a future king: Gen 37:11; Luke 2:20; Luke 2:19

10. Both were persecuted out of jealousy: Gen 37:11; Acts 7:9; Matt 27:18; Mark 15:10

11. Both willingly went at father’s request and authority: Gen 37:13; John 8:42

12. Both lived with father before sent on divine mission: Gen 37:14; John 17:5; John 17:24

13. Both ridiculed for being a king: Gen 37:19; Luke 22:63; Matt 27:29; Matt 27:42

14. Each plotted against by his own brethren: Gen 37:20; Matt26:4; Matt 26:15; John 11:53

15. Said of Yosef: “Then let us see what will become of his dreams”: Gen 37:20.

Said of Yeshua: “Hr trusts in God; let God rescue Him now if He delights in Him; for He said, ‘I am the Son of God’”: Matt 27:43

16. Each suffered bitterly at hands of brethren; Yosef in Psalm 105:17-18; Yeshua at his torture and execution: Heb 12:2

17. Each stripped of his robe; Gen 37:23; Gen 37:20; Matt 27:28

18. Judah sold sell Yosef for 20 pieces of silver: Gen 37:26-28. Judah the Sicarius sold Yeshua for 30 pieces of silver: Matt 25:15

19. Each sold for the slave price in pieces of silver (20 pieces in 1900 BCE, 30 pieces in 30 CE due to inflation) From archeology, we know the price of one slave increased through inflation: Gen 37:28' Zech 11:13; Matt 26:14-16

20. Leaders attempted to rescue him from hands of brethren: Reuben, the eldest (Gen 37:21); Pilate (Matt 27:24; (John 19:12)

21. Two lesser punishments suggested than death: pit/sold (Gen 37:22; Gen 37:27) + prisoner swap/scourge (John 18:39; John 19:1)

22. Yosef pleaded for his life to his brothers (Gen 42:21); Yeshua pleaded to God for His life  (Matt 26:39-42;Luke 22:41-44), but after His arrest He was silent (Isa 53:7; Acts 8:32)

23. Two leaders acted as judges: Reuben (Gen 37:21) / Judah (Gen 37:26) + Pilate (Luke 23:1) / Herod Antipas (Luke 23:8)

24. Leaders finally gave in to peer pressure and went along with plot (Gen 37:31; Mark 15:15)

25. Goat blood was sprinkled on Yosef’s coat (Gen 37:31); Yeshua, our scapegoat/Passover goat/lamb, had his own blood sprinkled on his own coat by His scourging (1Cor 5:7); the Passover animal could be goat or sheep (Exod 12:5), Scapegoat (Lev 16:8)

26. False story of his death was told and deceived many for a long time: animal/blood on coat (Gen 37:31-33); Disciples stole His body (Matt 28:13-15)

27. Taken to Egypt as youth after escaping death (Genesis 37:28; Matthew 2:14)

28. Both became a servant (Gen 39:1-2; Matt 20:28; Phil 2:7)

29. Both were tempted, but did not sin (Gen 39:6-20; Matt 4:1-11; Matt 4:1-11)

30. Both were falsely Accused (Gen 39:14; Matt 26:59-62)

31. Unlike many other Bible characters, no sin of Yosef is recorded; Yeshua was truly sinless (1Pet 2:22; Isa 53:9; 2Cor 5:21)

32. Both suffered for another’s sin (false accusation) (Gen 39:20; 1Peter 1:21-24)

33. Both were falsely arrested and confined in jail/custody (Gen 37:24; Gen 40:15; Matt 27:2; John 18:12)

34. Both inspired by Ruach HaKoddesh (the Holy Spirit) (Gen 40:8; Gen 41:38; Luke 4:18)

35. Both were sentenced with two criminals, one saved, one lost (Gen 40:1-3; Luke 23:32-33)

36. Cup bearer release from prison after 3 days: jail/grave (Gen 40:13; 1Cor 15:3-4)

37. The baker was lifted up on a tree: crucifixion (***3 days +Tree/ Tree + 3 days***) (Gen 40:19; Gal 3:13; Acts 5:30)

38.  “Green years” followed by “Dry years” (Gen 41:29-30; Luke 23:31)

39. Put “over the house” Yosef, Shlomo (Solomon), Moshe (Moses), Yeshua (Gen 41:40; Acts 7:47; Heb 3:2-6)

40. Both exalted after suffering (Gen 41:41; Luke 24:26; Phil 2:9-11)

41. All will pay homage and every knee will bow (Gen 41:40-43; Phil 2:10; Heb 1:6)

42. Both given all power and authority, save one: Pharaoh/God the Father (Gen 41:42-44; Matt 28:18)

43. Both wore royal robes and dressed as a king, Jacob wore pharaoh’s royal robe with necklace (Gen 41:42; Mark 15:17-18)

44. Yosef given seal ring for 7 abundance years before 7 years of famine and death (Gen 41:42); Yeshua broke 7 seals that caused famine and death (Rev 6:1)

45. Both had priestly connections: Yosef married Asenath whose father was a priest of On (Gen 41:45; Gen 41:50); Yeshua “designated by God as a high priest according to the order of Melchizedek” (Heb 5:10; Heb 4:14; Heb 9:11)

46. Both egan “ministry” as king at 30 years old (Gen 41:46; Luke 3:23)

47. Brothers stared at each other and went to get food (Gen 42:1-3; John 21:2-3)

48. All must go to him for bread (Gen 41:55-57; Gen 42:6; John 6:35)

49. Each was unrecognized by his own (Gen 42:8; John 1:11; John 1:31-33; Luke 24:16)

50. Each tested his brethren for worthiness (Gen 42:15; 1Pet 1:7)

51. 10 brothers condemned to prison and released after 3 days (Gen 42:17-18); Yeshua condemned and rose from dead after three days (Acts 10:40-41)

52. Betrayers felt remorse: Yosef’s 10 brothers (Genesis 42:21); Judas (Matt 27:3)

53. Accusers, betrayers held responsible for shed blood (Gen 42:22; Matt 27:25)

54. Both wept for the wicked (Gen 45:2; Luke 19:41)

55. Identified the primary betrayer: Simeon/Judas. Ancient Jewish Targum identified Simeon as primary ringleader to kill Yosef. “And Simeon and Levi, who were brothers in counsel, said each man to his brother, Behold, this master of dreams cometh. And now come let us kill him and throw him into one of the pits and say that an evil beast bath devoured him; arid we shall see what will be the interpretation of his dreams.” (Jewish Targums of Onkelos and Jonathan Ben Uzziel On the Pentateuch, J. W. Etheridge, Gen 37:19, 1892 CE). (Gen 49:5-7; Gen 42:24)

Yeshua gave bread to Judas to identify him as the betrayer (John 13:25-26)

56. Righteous judgement: Yosef spared innocent (Reuben-oldest) for the guilty Simeon (next oldest) who spent several years in jail until the brothers returned. Simeon got the worst land in the Negev and was absorbed into Judah and Levi got no land at all (Genesis 42:24)

Yeshua is our perfect judge who can separate the sheep from the goats (Matt 25:31-32; John 5:22-23; John 5:27)

57. Amazing grace given to wicked: Yosef returned his brother’s food money (Gen 42:27-28); Yeshua’s Grace to us (Rom 5:6-11)

58. Foot washing and breaking bread together (Gen 43:24-25; Gen 43:34; John 13:5)

59. Astonishment at Yosef/Yeshua (Gen 43:33; Mark 11:18)

60. Innocent suffers outside city: Benjamin was arrested outside the city (Genesis 44:4); Yeshua was crucified outside Jerusalem (Heb 13:12)

61. Substitutionary atonement: innocent Benjamin for hiw wicked brothers (Gen 44:16-17); Yeshua for sinners (Isa 53:5-6; 2Cor 5:21)

62. Innocent flesh torn in pieces: Yosef-animal (Gen 44:28); Yeshua-scourging (Mark 15:15; Isa 52:14)

63. Both forgave those who wronged them (Gen 45:4; Gen 45:14-15; Luke 23:34)

64. Became savior of the people (Gen 45:5; Gen 47:25; Matt 1:21; 1John 4:14)

65. Both suffered according to predetermined plan of God (Gen 45:5-7); Acts 2:23; Acts 3:18; Eph 3:11)

66. Self-anger and sorrow at hurting Yosef/Yeshua (Gen 45:5; Acts 2:36-38)

67. First news that Yosef/Yeshua were alive was not believed. Ya'akov would not believe Yosef was alive (Gen 45:26); the male disciples would not believe the women when they reported Yeshua alive (Luke 24:10-11; Mark 16:9-11)

68. Fearful hearts brought to peace (Gen 50:2; Gen 43:23; John 20:19)

69. Substitutionary atonement: Innocent Yosef/Yeshua suffered for guilty brethren (Gen 50:17-18; Isa 53:4)

70. Evil turned into blessing: (Gen 50:20; 1Pet 2:24)

71. Turned intentional harm into good (Gen 50:20-21; 1Tim1:13-17)

72. Comforted those who betrayed him. Disciples were comforted after abandoning Yeshua at the cross (Gen 50:21; John 20:19)

73. After Yosef/Yeshua became king both began summing all things up, making pharaoh/God all in all (Gen 47:13-20; Eph 1:10; Col 1:17-20; 1Cor 15:27-28)

74. Hebrews under Yosef and Remnant under Yeshua exempt from losing their blessings but enjoyed “all physical/spiritual blessings” while the rest suffered (Gen 47:27; Eph 1:3; Rev 12:5-6)

75. Both married a Gentile bride (Gen 41:45; Rom 11:25)

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