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בְּרֵאשִׁ֖ית • B'resheet
(“In Beginning” or “At First”)
The First Book of Moses,
Commonly Called


~ 8 ~

Parashah 2: Noach (Continued)
(Noach, Gen. 6:9-11:32)
(Small Roman numerals in the text indicate each 'aliyah.)

B. The Flood Subsides (8:1-8:19) 

1. Waters Recede for 150 Days (1-4)

[The Rain Stops, June 27, 2319 BCE]

1But Elohim[GN] remembered[1] Noach and all the animals and livestock that were with him in the ark. And He sent a wind to pass over the earth, and the waters began to subside. 2The springs of the deep and the floodgates of the heavens were closed, and the rain from the sky was restrained. 3The waters receded steadily from the earth, and after 150 days the waters had gone down.

[October 17, 2319 BCE]

 4On the seventeenth day of the seventh month, the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat.[4]

2. Mountains Seen on 224th Day (5) [January 1, 2318 BCE]

5And the waters continued to recede until the tenth month,[5a] And on the first day of the tenth month , the tops of the mountains became visible.[5b]

3. Raven Sent Out on 264th Day (6-7) [February 10, 2318 BCE]

6After forty days Noach opened the window he had made in the ark 7and sent out a raven. It kept flying back and forth[7] until the waters were dried up from the earth.

4. Dove Sent Out on 271st Day (8-9) [March 1, 2318 BCE]

(v) 8Then Noah sent out a dove to see if the waters had receded from the surface of the ground. 9But the dove found no place to rest her foot and she returned to him in the ark, because the water still covered the surface of the whole earth. So he reached out his hand brought her back inside the ark.

5. Branch Brought on 278th Day (10-11)

 10He waited seven more days and again sent out the dove from the ark. 11The dove returned to him at evening with a freshly plucked olive leaf in her beak.[11] So Noach knew that the waters had receded from the earth.

6. Dove Departs on 285th Day (12)

 12Noah waited seven more days and sent out the dove again, but this time she did not return to him.

7. Surface Dry on 314th Day (13) [March 1, 2318 BCE]

13In Noah’s six hundred first year,[13a] on the first day of the first month, the water had dried up from the earth. So Noach removed the covering from the ark and saw that the surface of the ground was dry.[13b]

C. Departure from the Ark (14-20)

1. Noah Called After 370 Days (14-19) [May 27, 2318 BCE]

 14By the twenty-seventh day of the second month, the earth was fully dry.

 15Then Elohim said to Noach, 16“Come out of the ark, you, your wife, your sons, and your sons’ wives. 17Bring out all the living creatures that are with you — birds, livestock, and everything that crawls upon the ground — so that they can spread out over the earth and be fruitful and multiply upon the earth.”

(vi) 18So Noach came out, along with his sons, his wife, and his sons’ wives. 19Every living creature, every creeping thing, and every bird — everthing that moves upon the earth — came out of the ark, kind by kind.[19]

2. Noah Offers a Sacrifice (20)

20Then Noach built an altar to  יְהוָה֒[GN] [YeHoVaH]. Taking from every kind of clean animal and clean bird, he offered burnt offerings on the altar.[20]

D. The Noachic Covenant (8:21-9:17) [2318 BCE]

1. HaShem’s Vow (21-22)

21When יְהוָה֒ smelled the pleasing aroma, He said in his heart, “Never again will I curse the ground because of man, even though every inclination of his heart is evil from his youth.[21] I will never again destroy all living creatures as I have done. 22As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, and summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”[22]

Chapter 9


  1. Hebrew זָכַר (zakar) remember, be mindful; but specifically remembering with the intent to do something about it. [RETURN]

Location of Mt Arrarat in Eastern Turkey 4. Ararat אֲרָרָֽט (“the curse reversed: precipitation of curse”) is not a single mountain, but rather an entire mountainous region of eastern Armenia, between the river Araxes and the lakes Van and Oroomiah. The particular mountain in that range where it is believed the ark came to rest is at the extreme eastern border of modern Turkey. It is now called Ara Dagh, the “finger mountain.” Its summit consists of two peaks, the higher of which is 17,750 feet and the other 13,420 above the sea level. (JF&B) The actual remains of the ark are believed to have been located. [RETURN]

5a. The decrease of the waters was for wise reasons exceedingly slow and gradual—the period of their return being nearly twice as long as that of their rise. (JF&B) [RETURN]

5b. Anyone who has observed the erosion caused by any large flow of water should have no reason to assume that the Grand Canyon was created by anything other than the recession of the multiplied millions of cubic miles of water from the earth at this time. [RETURN]

 7. That is, the raven (a carrion eater) would fly out periodically searching for food. When it found none it would return and perch, probably on the roof of the ark, until its next venture. [RETURN]

11. One might wonder whether the dove returned with the olive leaf out of her natural nesting instinct (as nest-building materal), or under divine compulsion so that Noah would know that life had begun to return to the planet. The olive tree must have been above water for at least a few days for there to be a green leaf. [RETURN]

13a. The Hebrew text simply says “in the six hundred and first year,” and so most English translations read. However, the Septuagint (LXX) adds “of Noah's life.”

“… according to R. Joshua, this was the month Nisan, which was the first month with the Jews on sacred accounts; but according to R. Eliezer it was the month of Tisri, as Jarchi observes, which was their first month on civil accounts, and was their most ancient way of reckoning; and so the Targum of Jonathan explains it, adding, and Tisri; which answers to part of September, and part of October; and according to Bishop Usher, this day was Friday, October 23, A. M. 1657:” (Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible). The Geneva Study Bible says it was the month that is “[c]alled in Hebrew Abib, part of March and part of April.” If the first month of creation was April, the seventh month would be October, agreeing with Bishop Usher. [RETURN]

13b. It is not clear whether Noah opened a hatch that he had built into the upper levels of the ark or if he actually dismantled part of the roof. In either event, after seeing dry land he remained inside for another two months until he received specific instruction from HaShem to disembark. The ground around him was dry, but he was high up on a mountain. The valley below the mountain was not yet dry. Verse 14 tells us that the ground below him was finally dry 56 days later.  [RETURN]

19. “Because all other human life perished in the Flood, genetic evidence should suggest that there was a population bottleneck, and that we all trace ancestry back to Noah's family. According to mathematical models plotting genetic tracks, the most recent common ancestor can indeed be traced back around 3,000 years — not quite to estimated dates of the flood, but still far closer than evolutionary assertions of common ancestors.” (Source: This makes racism rediculous when you think about it. Although in the 4,000 years since the Flood we humans have developed some varying regional characteristics, since we all come from Mr. and Mrs. Noah, we are all of the same race. [RETURN]

20. This was possibly the first altar in history; it is at least the first altar specifically mentioned in the Torah. However, one must wonder whether HaShem instructed Adam in the construction and use of an altar when he made them clothing from skin in Genesis 3:21, and whether Kayin and Hevel used altars for their sacrifices in Genesis 4:3-5. [RETURN]

21. Though many deny it, Scripture is clear that all humans have a sin nature that is active “from their youth.” [RETURN]

22. This applies only to the present creation (“As long as the earth endures…”). 2Peter 3:10-11 and Revelation 21:1-3 tell us that in the future this creation will be destroyed and HaShem will create “a new heaven and a new earth.” It is then, and not during the Messianic Kingdom period, that New Jerusalem will come down. [RETURN]

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