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Baby “Boomers”

Future Citizens in Bush’s “Palestine”
by Zola Levitt
The Levitt Letter • Vol. 24, No. 7 • July 2002
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Click this thumbnail for a larger pictureThe world has been voicing its outrage at the “baby boomer” picture discovered in the family album of a Palestinian member of Hamas wanted by the Israeli army. Initially, the Palestinians tried to deny its authenticity, but an Associated Press report clearly indicates that this picture is a vivid reminder of a greater problem: the Palestinians raise their children to hate Jews.

Click this thumbnail for a larger picture“The [Israeli] army,” said Palestinian Labor Minister Ghassan Khatib, “distributed the picture to ‘tell the world that the Palestinians are teaching their children how to hate Israel and how to act against Israel’ — and I just want to say this is correct.” Khatib even cited recent polls that found a majority of Palestinians support homicide bombings. Someone claiming to be the child’s uncle told British Sky News that the picture was authentic. These other pictures are authentic, too, and are being distributed in the Arab world. The Israelis don't need to bother with propaganda, the Arabs demonstrate their hatred for the entire world to see.

There are millions of people around the world claiming to be “occupied” by some other power, and yet the only ones teaching hate and blowing up innocent civilians like this are the Palestinians. And these are the people we are insisting should become a nation!

We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. … We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.”

— Golda Meir
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Preschool of Hate
by Joseph Farah
The Levitt Letter • Vol. 24, No. 7 • July 2002
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Click this thumbnail for a larger pictureAn Islamist school in the Palestinian Authority territory of Gaza teaches children as young as 5 the techniques of urban guerrilla warfare, jihad against Jewish settlers and martyrdom missions to kill Zionists.

The school — called Islamic University, or Mosque — is so proud of its programs for some 4,000 students that it boasts about them on its public, Arab-language website,[1] — a site well-illustrated with photos of small children in full-dress battle uniforms.

Click this thumbnail for a larger pictureOn the website’s “news” page, and article, translated from Arabic, describes a graduation ceremony for elementary-level schoolchildren who learn, beginning at the age of 5, to covet the city of Jerusalem, learn more about suicide bombers as “martyrs” and to hate “Zionist criminals.”

Click this thumbnail for a larger picture…Mohammed Hussein Nasr Alla, secretary-general of the Iranian-backed, Lebanese-based terrorist organization Hezbollah, has visited the school and addressed the children. The terrorist leader told the children they “will never have to face the Zionists alone for the Hezbollah is with them forever.”

…What’s the goal of this institution? “The staff hopes it will produce a generation of children able to kick the Zionists out of Palestine and liberate the Palestinians.”


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