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Israel In Conflict

Since long before declaring the independent State of Israel in May, 1948, the tiny nation of Israel has been continually locked in an ongoing battle against virtually every nation on earth (including, except for one notable presidency, the United States)for her very existence. Not even the United States of America, supposedly a “Christian” nation loyal to the God of Israel, will take a stand to unequivocally support Israel in her struggle. HaShem will most assuredly hold this nation accountable for our lack of support for the “Apple of God’s Eye.” (Zech. 2:8)

The Truth About the Israel/Arab Conflict

“Israel, My Beloved - The Mideast Crisis”
A four part video teaching from Rabbi Greg Hershberg
of Beth Yeshua International, Macon, Georgia

Part 1, Myth Busters, 08/16/2014
Does “Palestine” exist? Why such a fight over a little slip of land approximately 7,933 square miles? Rabbi Greg Hershberg begins an enlightening series on Eretz Yisrael The Land of Israel). What myths have we been taught regarding Israel? In this series you will learn the natural and spiritual components of what is taking place in the Middle East. This message exposes the myths of “Palestine.

Part 2, The Natural Component 08/23/2014
Rabbi Hershberg continues the “Israel, My Beloved” series. The focus of today's message is the natural component of the Mideast crisis.

Part 3, The Spiritual Component, 08/30/2014
Rabbi Greg Hershberg continues the “Israel, My Beloved” series. The focus of today's message is the spiritual component of the Mideast Crisis.

Part 4, Israel, a Channel of Blessing, 09/14/2014
In this final message of the “Israel, My Beloved” series, Rabbi Hershberg, points out how scripture, (Genesis 22:18), states that through Israel, all the nations will be blessed. He also gives a few examples of what the world would be deprived of should they support boycotts against Israel.

Visit Beth Yeshua International every Sabbath morning at 10:10 for a live stream of their Shabbat service. Most of their recent (4 years) services are archived on their YouTube Channel. Watch his most-viewed message series at

In this section

20 Facts About Israel: These 20 facts will help serve as a primer for those trying to understand the historical context of the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. The article was originally written in 2002, so some of the historical information has changed since then, but most of it is still quite relevant.

Baby Boomers: The Palestinians are teaching their children how to hate Israel and how to act against Israel.

Hamas Charter: The charter of the elected government of the fictional “state of Palestine.”

Just Suppose that all of the former Native American Nations of Maryland and Virginia formed an alliance: the Chickahominy, Mataponi, Monacan, Nansemond, Piscataway, Pamunkey, Rappahannoe, Youghiogheny Shawnee, and the other 30 or so tribes of the Powhatan Confederacy.

Notable Quotes about the Arab Invasion of Israel the World and the War on Terror

Occupied Territories? The Us State Department’s changing attitude towards Judea and Samaria.

Occupied Territories: What HaShem Says: HaShem will not hold America blameless if we press Israel in any way for any “Land for Peace” plan.

Palestine Quiz: A very brief quiz about the “State of Palestine” by Ya'akov Kirschen.

PLO Covenant: The “constitution” of the fictional “state of Palestine.”

Two-State Solution: The “Two-State Solution” as it now exists.

US-Occupied Territories: A map of what the USA would look like of the world held America to the same standard to which they hold Israel.

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