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Why There Can Never Be Peace
Between Israel and the P.L.O.

See also the Hamas Charter

Highlights and emphasis added. Words and phases [in brackets] are my comments.

Hamas Seal Why has Hamas never ceased to target Jewish civilians within Israel even after Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005? As with the PLO, the answer lies in its governing charter.

The Palestinian National Covenant — the “Constitution” of the Palestinian Liberation Organization — simply does not permit the existence of the State of Israel under any conditions. Therefore, there can only be peace in Eretz Yisrael when either the P.L.O. or Israel is totally eliminated from Ha'Eretz (the land).

That certainly does not mean that it is necessary to eliminate faithful Israeli citizens who happen to be Arabic. It does mean, however, that all Arabs living in Ha'Eretz must acquiesce to the historical fact that Eretz Israel belongs to HaShem, not to Allah, and HaShem has decreed that the sons of Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya`akov shall live there forever. Our cousins, the sons of Ishmael, are welcome to share in the blessings and inheritance of Israel if they will only renounce the demon Allah and his false prophet Mohammed, and accept and honor the only true God, the God of Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya`akov, Who is also the true God of Ishmael. (Genesis 7:18-21)

Map of the Arab World
Figure 1. “The Arab Nation” as defined by the PLO

(Emphasis and commentary added)


Palestine [No such geographical area has ever existed.] is the homeland of the Palestinian Arab people [No such people group has ever existed prior to 1967 when it was invented by Yassar Arafat.] and an integral part of the great Arab homeland, and the people of Palestine is a part of the Arab nation. [See Figure 1, above, for the PLO’s definition of “the Arab nation.”]

Map of the British Mandate for Palestine
Figure 2. Israel's boundaries as
established in 1920 by the
League of Nations.
Israel's boundaries as set by UN
Figure 3. Israel's boundaries as set by
UN Resolution 181 and rejected by the
Arabs living in Israel in 1947.
Israel's borders 1949 to 1967
Figure 4. Israel's boundaries from the
War of Independence cease-fire in
1949 to the eve of the Six-Day War
in 1967.
Israel's 1967 cease-fire borders
Figure 5. Cease-Fire lines at the end of
the 1967 Six-Day War. Note that Israel's
territory has more than doubled in their
act of self-defense.
Map of Israel today
Figure 6. Israel today. Note that
nearly all of the area gained in the
1967 war has been voluntarily
returned to the invading nations.
Israel as defined by the PLO Covenant
Figure 7. Israel as defined by
the PLO Covenant.

Palestine with its boundaries that existed at the time of the British mandate is an integral regional unit. [See Figure 2 for the boundaries of Israel as they were in 1920.]


The Palestinian Arab people possess the legal right to its homeland, [Since there is no such thing as an historic “Palestinian Arab people,” it is not possible that they have a “homeland.”] and when the liberation of its homeland is completed it will exercise self determination solely according to its own will and choice.


The Palestinian personality is an innate, persistent characteristic that does not disappear, and it is transferred from fathers to sons. The Zionist occupation [i.e., the State of Israel], and the dispersal of the Palestinian Arab people as a result of the disasters which came over it, [The Arabs living in Israel fled to neighboring countries during the 1967 war; they were not “dispersed” by the Israeli government, they left of their own accord.] do not deprive it of its Palestinian personality and affiliation and do not nullify them.


The Palestinians are the Arab citizens who were living permanently in Palestine until 1947, whether they were expelled from there or remained, whoever is born to a Palestinian Arab father after this date, within Palestine or outside it, is a Palestinian.


Jews who were living permanently in Palestine until the beginning of the Zionist invasion will be considered Palestinians.


The Palestinian affiliation and the material, spiritual and historical tie with Palestine are permanent realities. The upbringing of the Palestinian individual in an Arab and revolutionary [i.e., “terrorist” — see Article 10] fashion, the undertaking of all means of forging consciousness and training the Palestinian, in order to acquaint him profoundly with his homeland, spiritually and materially, and preparing him for the conflict and the armed truggle, [i.e., training children to be terrorists] as well as for the sacrifice of his property and his life to restore his homeland, until the liberation all this is a national duty.


The phase in which the people of Palestine is living is that of the national struggle for the liberation of Palestine. Therefore, the contradictions among the Palestinian national forces are a secondary order which must be suspended in the interest of the fundamental contradiction between Zionism and colonialism on the one side, and the Palestinian Arab people on the other. On this basis, the Palestinian masses, whether in the homeland or in places of exile, organizations and individuals, comprise one national front which acts to restore Palestine and liberate it through armed struggle.


Armed struggle is the only way to liberate Palestine and is therefore a strategy and not tactics. The Palestinian Arab people affirms its absolute resolution and abiding determination to pursue the armed struggle and to march forward toward the armed popular revolution, to liberate its homeland and return to it, to maintain its right to a natural life in it, and to exercise its right to self-determination in it and sovereignty over it.


Fadayeen [terrorist] actions forms the nucleus of the popular Palestinian war of liberation. This demands its promotion, extension and protection, and the mobilization of all the mass and scientific capacities of the Palestinians, their organization and the involvement of the armed Palestinian revolution, and the cohesion in the national struggle among the various groups of the people of Palestine, and between them and the Arab masses, to guarantee the continuation of the revolution, its advancement and victory.


The Palestinians will have three mottos: National Unity, National Mobilization, and National Liberation.


The Palestinian Arab peoples believe in Arab unity. In order to fulfill its role in realizing this, it must preserve, in this phase of national struggle, its Palestinian personality and the constituents thereof, increase consciousness of its existence and resist any plan that tends to disintegrate or weaken it.


Arab unity and the liberation of Palestine are two complimentary aims. Each one paves the way for realization of the other. Arab unity leads to the liberation of Palestine [i.e., “elimination of Israel” — the “the liberation of Palestine” requires the expulsion of all Jews from “Palestine” as defined in Article 2], and the liberation of Palestine leads to Arab unity. Working for both goes hand in hand.


The destiny of the Arab nation, indeed the very Arab existence, depends upon the destiny of the Palestinian issue. [Really? See Figure 1. That's very much like saying that a whale’s existence is threatened by a minnow on its back.] The endeavor and the effort of the Arab nation to liberate Palestine follows from this connection. The people of Palestine assumes its vanguard role in realizing this sacred national aim.


The liberation of Palestine, from an Arab viewpoint, is a national duty to repulse the Zionist, imperialist invasion from the great Arab homeland and to purge the Zionist presence from Palestine. Its full responsibilities fall upon the Arab nation, peoples and governments, with the Palestinian Arab people at their head.

For this purpose, the Arab nation must mobilize all its military, human, material, and spiritual capabilities to participate actively with the people of Palestine in the liberation of Palestine. They must, especially in the present stage of armed Palestinian revolution, grant and offer the people of Palestine all possible help, and every material and human support, and afford it every sure means and opportunity enabling it to continue to assume its vanguard role in pursuing its armed revolution until the liberation of its homeland.


The liberation of Palestine from a spiritual viewpoint, will prepare an atmosphere of tranquility and peace for the Holy Land, in the shade of which all the Holy places will be safeguarded, and freedom of worship and visitation to all will be guaranteed [Just like the Jews now have access to Temple Mount?], without distinction or discrimination of race, color, language, or religion. For this reason, the people of Palestine looks to the support of all spiritual forces in the world.


The liberation of Palestine, from a human viewpoint, will restore to the Palestinian man his dignity, glory and freedom. For this, the Palestinian Arab people looks to the support of those in the world who believe in the dignity and freedom of man.


The liberation of Palestine, from an international viewpoint, is a defensive act necessitated by the requirements of self-defense. For this reason, the people of Palestine, desiring to befriend all people [really? That certainly explains the launching of multiple thousands of rockets against civilian targets in Israel], looks to the support of the states which love freedom, justice and peace in restoring the legal situation to Palestine, establishing security and peace in its territory, and enabling its people to exercise national sovereignty and national freedom.


The partitioning of Palestine in 1947 and the establishment of Israel is fundamentally null and void, whatever time has elapsed, because it was contrary to the wish of the people of Palestine and its natural right to its homeland, and contradicts the principles embodied in the charter of the United Nations, the first of which is the right of self-determination.


The Balfour Declaration, the mandate document, and what has based upon them are considered null and void. The claim of a historical or spiritual tie between the Jews and Palestine does not tally with historic realities [both the Biblical and extra-Biblical historical records are lies?] nor with the constituents of statehood in their sense. Judaism, in its character as a religion of revelation, is not a nationality with an independent existence. Likewise, the Jews are not one people with an independent personality, they are rather citizens to the state to which they belong.


The Palestinian Arab people, in expressing itself through the armed Palestinian revolution, rejects every solution that is a substitute for a complete liberation of Palestine, and rejects all plans that aim at the settlement of the Palestinian issue or its internationalization.


Zionism is a political movement organically related to world imperialism and hostile to all movements of liberation and progress in the world. It is a racist and fanatical movement in its formation; aggressive, expansionist and colonialist in its aims; and Fascist and Nazi in its means. Israel is a tool of the Zionist movement and a human geographical base for world imperialism. It is a concentration and jumping off point for imperialism in the heart of the Arab homeland, to strike at the hopes of the Arab nation for liberation, unity and progress.

Israel is a constant threat to peace in the Middle East and the entire world. Since the liberation of Palestine will liquidate the Zionist and imperialist presence and bring about the stabilization of peace in the Middle East, the people of Palestine looks to the support of all liberal men of the world and all the forces of good, progress and peace; and implores all of them, regardless of their different leanings and orientations, to offer all help and support to the people of Palestine in its just and legal struggle to liberate its homeland.


The demands of security and peace and the requirements of truth and justice oblige all states that preserve friendly relations among peoples and maintain loyalty of citizens to their homelands to consider Zionism an illegitimate movement and to prohibit its existence and activity.

Palestinian Freedom
Fighter” on YouTube

The Palestinian Arab people believe in the principles of justice, freedom, sovereignty, self-determination, human dignity, and the right of peoples to exercise them.


To realize the aims of this covenant and its principles the Palestinian Liberation Organization will undertake its full role in liberating Palestine.


The Palestinian Liberation Organization, which represents the forces of the Palestinian revolution, is responsible for the movement of the Palestinian Arab people in its struggle to restore the homeland, liberate it, return to it and exercise the right of self-determination in it. This responsibility extends to all military, political, and financial matters, and all else that the Palestinian issue requires in the Arab and international spheres.


The Palestinian Liberation Organization will cooperate with all Arab states, each according to its capacities, and will maintain neutrality in their mutual relations in the light of, and on the basis of, the requirements of the battle of liberation, and will not interfere in the internal affairs of any Arab state.


The Palestinian Arab people insists upon the originality and independence of its national revolution and rejects every manner of interference, guardianship, and subordination.


The Palestinian Arab people possesses the prior and original right in liberating and restoring its homeland and will define its position with reference to all states and powers on the basis of their positions with reference to the issue and extent of their support for the Palestinian Arab people in their revolution to realize their aims.


The fighters and bearers of arms [any and all Arab terrorists with any weapon of any kind] in the battle of liberation are the nucleus of the popular army, which will be the protecting arm of the Palestinian Arab people.


This organization shall have a flag, oath, and anthem, all of which will be determined in accordance with a special system.


To this covenant is attached a law known as the fundamental law of the Palestine Liberation, in which is determined the manner of the organization's formation, its committees, institutions, the special functions of everyone of them and all the requisite duties associated with them in accordance with this covenant.


This covenant cannot be amended except by a two-thirds majority of all the members of the National Council of the Palestinian Liberation Organization in a special session called for that purpose.

Picture of baby in rifle scope cross hairs

No one can pull on the heart strings of the world's emotions quite like Mr. Arafat. Yet try as he may, actions speak louder than words. When terrorists shoot at children in a playground. When they take careful aim to kill this 10-month old baby sleeping sleeping in her mother's arms. The myth of Arafat as a peace maker has, once and for all, been laid to rest. And his designs on the entire State of Israel are abundantly clear.

To add insult to injury, the Palestinian Press reported that this adorable 10-month old baby was not murdered by a terrorist, rather by his own mother.

Not only is the truth grossly distorted in the media, each report concludes with an obligatory scorecard of deaths on each side. We are made to feel that as long as Israel has a lower number of fatalities, we have nothing to complain about.

We must not let ourselves be desensitized by the media. We must maintain a clear moral distinction between Palestinian children who die while aggressively confronting the Israeli army with deadly stones, or a school bus, or sleeping in their mothers' arms.

10-month old Shalhevet Pass, of blessed memory, is one of 75 victims of Arab terror since September 27, 2000.

The Israel Emergency Solidarity Fund was established to help the families who have lost loved ones in the recent wave of terrorism. We have visited many of them, as well as those who were wounded or left permanently disabled, to assess their physical and emotional needs.

We raise funds and promote solidarity through Walk-A-Thons held in Jewish communities. Recently, several took place on Long Island, Queens, and Riverdale. More are in the planning stages in communities all over the country. We can help you plan a Walk-A-Thon in your community. An hour's walk and a few sponsors is all it takes.

Of course, we can lend support to any other ideas for raising funds or promoting solidarity.

Our administrative costs are privately funded, so all monies we collect directly benefit the families.

Call us at (516) 390-7162 or e-mail us at help[at]walk4israel[dot]com with your suggestions.

Because the murder of Jews is even more tragic if we don't help the families they left behind.

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