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The Structural System
The Bones, Muscles, & Connective Tissue

The Structural SystemFramework for the Body

In a city, we see buildings in various phases of construction. Some have only the foundation. Others have the girders in place. And some are completely finished, so that we can?t see the internal framework. But we know it's there; otherwise, the building couldn?t stand. Our own structural system is no different.

Our structural system consists of bones, muscles, and connective tissue. This system is what gives our body form and the ability to move about. Without it, the body would collapse under its own weight.

The structural system also houses all the other systems of the body and protects them from the outside environment.

The skeleton accounts for only 14 percent of body weight and is made up of 206 bones. The skull is the most protective mechanism in the body. It is supported by the spine, which stands the stresses of bending and stretching while supporting body weight. The skeleton is also the foundation for the muscles.

BonesThe muscles comprise about 40 percent of body weight. They convert chemical energy into force and mechanical work. Movement is one of the main functions performed by 620 muscles in the body. They also help maintain proper posture and produce a large portion of body heat.

There are 30 other muscles that perform functions such as moving food through the digestive system, circulating blood, and operating other internal organs.

Connective tissue consists of ligaments and tendons which connect muscles and bones.

Factors in Structural Health

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, comprising 1.5-2 percent of an adult's body weight. But calcium deficiency in the U.S. is not as rare as might be expected in a modern nation. The Department of Agriculture lists calcium as one of the four nutrients most missing in the American diet.

The body is constantly using calcium from the diet to replace old bone tissue with new tissue. When the calcium supply in the blood is low the body takes calcium from the bones without replacing it, causing them to become weak and porous.

A growing health concern is bones that become weak and soft from calcium and other deficiencies. Such deficiencies can cause bones to break easily, or leave a person with a stooped and shortened stature. It is estimated that 5 million women and 1 million men exhibit some effect of calcium loss from their bones.

Bone loss appears to begin about age 35 and is of special concern to women. Lack of exercise and decreased secretion of the hormone estrogen after menopause have been related to calcium loss. A calcium loss is only visible in X-rays after the loss is acute. It is estimated that up to 60 percent of the mineral content of bone may be gone before the loss can be detected.

Physical activity helps to increase bone volume and density. Weight control can also take some strain off bones and muscles so they can perform better. Of course, the structural system requires a balanced diet with a healthy supply of minerals.

Key Products

Skeletal Strength


Skeletal Strength (formerly SKL Formula?) is a combination of the vitamins and minerals your skeletal system needs for optimal strength, in a base of herbs that lend nutritional support to the skeletal system.

Skeletal Strength contains calcium, the major mineral needed for healthy bones. Since calcium does not work alone, the formula also includes magnesium, manganese, iron, beta-carotene, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, and vitamin D. The body uses all of these in forming strong matrices and cartilage.

Coix herb, ma huang herb, horsetail herb, valerian root, and parsley herb also lend their unique benefits to the SKL formula. Considering your skeletal system has the constant task of supporting you, give it what it needs-with Skeletal Strength.
Stock No. 1806-7 (150)


EverFlex. We've long known the advantages of glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM for joint health. Now you can get the health benefits of all three of these nutreints plus devils's claw herb in one convenient tablet. EverFlex tablets cost 28% less than purchasing glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM separately, and you get Devil's Claw for FREE! Give your joints the one-two-three punch now found in NSP EverFlex.
? Promotes Joint Integrity
? Maximizes Flexibility & Mobility
? Helps Lubricate Joints
Stock No.: 925-5

Target Endurance

Target Endurance Formula?, developed to target the needs of the muscular system, is based on the concept that true health begins on a cellular level. Keeping the muscular system healthy helps us stay active and ensures proper function of muscles surrounding organs such as the heart, liver, and lungs.

Each of the body's cells contains a tiny engine, called a mitochondrion, which burns nutrients to produce energy. This energy metabolism is particularly important to muscle cells. Target Endurance contains certain essential minerals and vitamins necessary for the mitochondria.

It includes the minerals zinc, potassium, copper, and calcium in amino acid chelates. The vitamins B6, B12, and C are added for their importance to muscle function. They are combined in a whole food herbal base to nutritionally support the circulatory and nervous systems, in addition to the muscular system.
Stock No. 2809-8 (90)


Herbal CA

Herbal CA? is a natural source of calcium, the building block of healthy bones. Its chief herb, alfalfa, contains one of the richest vitamin and mineral sources of all plants. It also includes oatstraw, horsetail herb, Irish moss plant, valerian root, and chickweed herb.
Stock No. 823-5 (100)
ATC (Concentrated) Stock No. 826-3 (50)

HSN-W (Hair, Skin, and Nails)

HSN-W? stands for hair, skin, and nails, which is exactly what this formula is targeted for. It contains dulse plant, horsetail herb, sage leaves, and rosemary herb.
Stock No. 935-4 (100)

Joint Support

Joint Support (formerly JNT-A?) is rich in easily absorbed botanical sources of calcium, and it supplies a large amount of nutrients often lacking in the average American diet. It includes alfalfa herb, called the King of Foods. In addition it contains bromelain, hydrangea root, yucca root, horsetail herb, chaparral herb, black cohosh root, catnip herb, yarrow flowers, capsicum fruit, valerian root, white willow bark, burdock root, slippery elm bark, and sarsaparilla root.
Stock No. 792-6 (100)

Mineral Chi Tonic

Colloidal Minerals with Chinese Tonic Herbs. East meets West as Nature's Sunshine combines the finest source of liquid trace minerals (at least 64) with time-honored Chinese tonic (adaptogen) herbs. "Light up your energy system" with minerals (essential to every electrochemical reaction in the body) and Chinese tonic herbs (balance the body by acting upon all 12 acupuncture meridians and energizing all 5 constitutional types). Each serving of Mineral-Chi Tonic provides 180 mg of potassium to support the adrenal glands (180 mg potassium is the same as found in one medium banana or tomato). Use in combination with other Chinese products from Nature's Sunshine.

Chinese Mineral-Chi? Tonic is a special blend of tonic herbs and naturally chelated trace minerals extracted from the plant vegetation of an ancient seabed. This tonic gives the body's energy system a boost and balances it. Tonic herbs help support the systems that build the body's physical, mental, and emotional energy, and they support all of the body's energy meridians.
Stock No. 1818-3

Mineral Maintenance Mineral Maintenance? is a super mineral supplement containing 74 trace minerals. Trace minerals can be the key to proper utilization of essential nutrients by acting as catalysts to help release energy from food. Because they are naturally chelated, the minerals in this formula are more readily absorbed by the body than some mineral supplements.
Stock No. 1672-1 (450)
PLS II PLS-II? is formulated to provide nutritional support for the structural system, and serves as a natural source of vitamins A and E and the mineral calcium. It contains the finest slippery elm bark, marshmallow root, golden seal root, and fenugreek seed in preservative-free capsules.
Stock No. 1029-4 (100)
Tei Fu Massage Lotion Tei Fu? Massage Lotion is a powerful, deep-penetrating lotion that will soothe away the day's tensions, as well as relieve tired muscles. The non-greasy formula contains the volatile oils of wintergreen, menthol, and camphor, plus others, in a base of safflower oil.
Stock No. 1616-2 (4 fl. oz.)
Coral Calcium

Coral Calcium is designed especially for those who battle to keep their acidity levels within a normal range. Because Coral Calcium has a natural pH range of 10-11, it has a natural alkalizing effect on the body, which can be of great support to those who need to offset acidity levels. Plus, it provides essential calcium to help maintain bone integrity and health.

Each serving of Coral Calcium provides the body with 325 mg of readily available calcium, plus 163 mg of magnesium. We've also included montmorillonite clay, a full-spectrum trace mineral source that helps neutralize stomach acidity and absorb toxins from the digestive tract. Many people especially elderly men and women, middle-aged women, persons with a family history of osteoporosis, and white and Asian women ages 11 to 35 can benefit from proper calcium intake. Scientific studies show that adequate dietary minerals, such as those contained in Coral Calcium, can promote bone health.
Stock No. 1873-7 (75 G, 50 servings)

Calcium Plus Vitamin D Calcium Plus Vitamin D supplies nutrients required for both the structural and nervous systems. Derived from bone meal and combined with other trace minerals needed by the body, NSP Calcium more easily enters the body to help replenish bone tissue that is constantly being replaced. Calcium comprises half of all the minerals in the body, but this still only represents 2 percent of the body's entire weight.

This formula also contains phosphorus, the second most abundant mineral in the body. It works with calcium, and both are commonly found in nature. This formulation provides calcium and phosphorus at a 2:l ratio.

Magnesium is also added in the same 2:1 ratio with calcium. Without these important ratios, the body begins to lose one or more minerals before they can be utilized. Calcium is needed by the immune system. It is also critical to muscle contractions. Phosphorus works synergistically with B vitamins to help maintain a proper fluid balance in the body. Magnesium, often lacking in Western diets, assists in calcium's proper function.

Vitamin D is added to help calcium do its job. At least 400 IU of vitamin D is needed on a daily basis, especially for those not getting enough sunshine (D is the 'sunshine vitamin?).

Stock No. 1675-0 (200)
SynerPro? Calcium?Magnesium

SynerPro? Calcium?Magnesium combination recognizes that each of these minerals depends on the other for proper assimilation in the body. Calcium is essential to the health of bones, teeth, and muscles, and it also plays an essential role in blood clotting, nerve conduction, and many cellular functions. Magnesium activates more than 300 enzymes in the body and, with calcium, affects nerve and muscle functions. More than 80 percent of the natural magnesium in grains is lost by removal of the germ and outer layers, which happens in food processing. This combination also includes vitamin D, known to work synergistically with calcium, as well as phosphorus, zinc, copper, and boron.
Stock No. 1671-9 (240)


IF-C? contains 18 herbs: lonicera flowers, scute root, forsythia fruit, platycodon root, ligusticum rhizome, schizonepeta herb, peony root, chrysanthemum flowers, gardenia fruit, phellodendron bark, siler root, bupleurum root, dang gui root, arctium seed, vitex fruit, licorice root, carthamus flowers, and coptis rhizome.
Stock No. 1875-9 (100)

Horsetail Horsetail is high in silica, a major constituent of the biological cement that holds every part of our body together.
Stock No. 390-2 (100)
L-Lysine L-Lysine is an amino acid essential to the proper absorption of calcium and the formation of collagen. Collagen is necessary to the formation of bone, cartilage, and connective tissue.
Stock No. 1631-4 (100)
Magnesium Magnesium assists in the absorption of many other vitamins and minerals and is essential for the formation of strong bones and teeth. It also acts as a starter for some of the chemical reactions in the body and becomes part of some of the complex molecules that are formed as the body uses food for growth, maintenance, and repair.
Stock No. 1786-6 (180)
Red Raspberry

Red Raspberry, because of its rich vitamin and mineral content, is an excellent nutritional supplement. It contains vitamins C, A, D, E, and B, as well as iron, phosphorus, manganese, and calcium.
Stock No. 560-8 (100)

Red Raspberry

Liquid Herb Stock No. 3425-4 (2 fl. oz.)

White Oak Bark White Oak Bark contains high amounts of calcium and tannin, which makes it an excellent nutritional support for the structural system.
Stock No. 730-7 (100)
Yucca Root Yucca Root was used as a soap and shampoo by Native Americans and early American pioneers. It contains calcium, sodium, B-complex vitamins, and zinc. It also contains small amounts of iron as well as other vitamins and minerals.
Stock No. 770-3 (100)
Arthritis Arthritis temporarily relieves pain, stiffness and inflammation of joints.
Stock No. 8800-4 (1 fl. oz.)
Exercise Exercise aids in providing energy, vitality, and stamina during aerobic exercise such as tennis, jogging, racquetball, or exercise workouts.
Stock No. 8960-9 (1 fl. oz.)
Inflammation Inflammation temporarily relieves general and localized inflammation with its accompanying heat, swelling, redness, and pain due to arthritis, rheumatism, minor injuries, or infections.
Stock No. 8810-3 (1 fl. oz.)
Sciatica Sciatica is for the temporary relief of lower back pain due to sciatica or overexertion.
Stock No. 8820-6 (1 fl. oz.)
Sprains and Pulls Sprains and Pulls is for the temporary relief of pain, stiffness, and inflammation caused by muscle or tendon strains and pulls such as tennis elbow, or due to overexertion during sports activities or workouts.
Stock No. 8970-7 (1 fl. oz.)