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Mirrored from the International Advocates for Health Freedom

We call ourselves messengers for good health, and that we are. But have you ever considered that if it were not for the massive failure of the so called "health care industry," we would never be here as messengers to begin with?

Nature abhors a vacuum, so it is no surprise that grass root efforts in "alternative medicine" have taken root the way they have. The problem, however, does not lie in healing, but with those who control the system and methodology used in the powerful health care industry to keep everyone under their thumb.

As natural health messengers, we spend great effort in showing that our natural health care products work to improve health and prevent disease. This effort is applauded, but to what end??? Of what good have we accomplished if, while all around us, our health freedoms are slowly but surely being taken away?

What if one day you awaken to read that your favorite health care company is no longer allowed to formulate products, or that if they do, they must conform their products to a regulated formula, that renders their efficacy useless? Do not think this scenario is a joke. That day is well on its way!

If we are to make a difference, if we are to survive, it is not enough to hold up a bottle of this or that...We must become warriors, minute men...we must become Paul Revers' for truth in health care freedom. We must expose the fraudulent system that is threatening our very lives in the name of health and healing. For if we do not, our world will darken as never before. Great evil is afoot!

The more I investigate the medical/pharmaceutical industry, the more I am convinced it is completely deceitful, functions by empowerment of law and ignorance, and delivers only suffering and death. Healing is not their agenda.

Most of us are completely in the dark to the forces at work that would curtail our health care freedom. Because we were raised to believe and trust doctors and drugs, because we are bombarded with television commercials and special reports on the latest new medical break-through or drug, we believe and put faith in the medical / pharmaceutical industrial complex that rules over the health care industry. But it is all a industry that deals in sickness designed for money and power.

God-given natural health care products create empowerment and independence. Man-made drugs create disempowerment and dependence on the system that delivers them. The growing natural health care industry has become such a threat to this present power structure, a well-organized, carefully crafted movement is under way to crush the natural health care industry. The goal is to deny you your God given right to natural health care products, to place them outside of your reach.

Not all physicians are part of this plot. Many physicians, whose heart lies with healing, have literally been hounded out of practice. They have been murdered, maligned, decertified, raided, harassed via the legal and tax systems, deported, bankrupted and discouraged by the medical industry authorities. This is how the medical/ pharmaceutical industrial complex works to keep their own in line.

If you are not willing to help our cause, who will? It is not enough to save a life, however much good that is. The plot to take away our health care freedoms must be told to those you serve as well.

Believe it, these purveyors of death are well-organized and are working full-time to force the world on its knees in slavery to their cartel. The world of health and medicine is now so controlled, that very few population groups have even a vestige of self- determination, or freedom of choice where matters of health are concerned. The pharm-med-ind web of intrigue has enmeshed the whole world in a stranglehold which is rapidly and relentlessly squeezing the last pockets of health out of humans.

On September 17, 1998 a Public Tribunal was held in Berlin against the Pharma-Cartel, Helmut Kohl and other accomplices of this cartel for planning, committing and assisting mass murder and crimes against humanity.

Dr. Matthias Rath, M.D. who led the breakthrough in the control of cardiovascular disease by vitamins, convened this Public Tribunal on the eve of the Codex Alimentarius meeting in Berlin.

This complaint will be formalized and submitted to the International Court of Justice and other courts around the world. Patients and people around the world are encouraged to take similar legal action against the accused of this complaint in local, regional and national courts around the world.

The full text of the Berlin Tribunal can be seen at:
Scroll down to "The Berlin Tribunal" and click.

Unless you have already read this complaint, and have copies available for your downline associates, let me urge you to get a copy ASAP and read it. Make copies available to others. Next, go to Dr. Rath's home page at:

This is not how I would like to spend my time, so believe it when I say, this problem is real and will not go away. Like you, I want to earn my living helping others, but how long can we continue if this heinous darkness is not stopped and destroyed?

Again...Will you help us? If not you...Who?

Jim Lynn, Editor EOO

Source: [and numerous other websites]

"The price of liberty is eternal vigilance."
— Thomas Jefferson

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