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We reveal health secrets your doctor and the government don’t want you to know about!
DISCLAIMER: Important Legal Notice

Historic Uses of
Single Herbs

According to the United States government, herbs are food or flavorings and cannot be used to treat or cure diseases. If you have a health concern, please consult your health care provider. Any mention of possible “health benefits” of any product refer only to its historical use in “folk” medicine. The information on this page is derived from the sources listed in the bibliography.


A   [Back to Top]
All Heal
All purpose herb, sore throat, diarrhea
General health builder, called “the father of all herbs.” Helps with arthritis, fatigue, appetite, pituitary gland, bowel cleaner, absorbs body odors, stop excessive sweating, absorb poisons, duodenal ulcer
Joints, stomach, while spots in mouth
Alum Root
Astringent for wrinkle smoother, aftershave, diarrhea
American Ginseng
Produced in limited quantities when available, it’s considered the leader of all “longevity plants.” Contains exactly what the glands of the body need to do their job. Extract, when taken in amounts of 80 drops or more at a time, acts as a safe stimulant where you “pay as you go” and not “fly now and crash later.” The Chinese (both men and women) who have taken Ginseng for millennia prefer our True American to their own.
Digestion, colds, anti-gas, flavoring
External use to lower cholesterol, emotional shocks, electrical shock, sprains, bumps, pain, tooth pain
Immunity builder from China
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Warts, normalize appetite, convalescence, lymphatic system, break “bad habits”
Barley Greens
Energy, nutritive immune builder
Most closely associated with stomach complaint such as gas and cramping, also used to relax the nerves, increase flow of milk in nursing mothers, increase the flow of gastric juices
Liquefy and drain sinuses, shrink and dissolve polyps of all kinds, use with Golden Seal and Chickweed for ear problems and or deafness
Bee Pollen
Allergies, quick energy (natural “no-doze”), slow down aging, hormonal support, low blood sugar, longevity, “plant sperm” (rejuvenation of adult bodies), solar plexus polarity balancer, importance for lysine (a protein component)
Expectorant, cuts mucus loose from the lungs and respiratory tract — in severe cases apply bistort extract to throat, chest and back 4 times per day, wear a high-necked natural fiber undershirt, and take 40 drops hourly by mouth
Black Cohosh
Female hormone source (“natural estrogen”), menopause, hot flashes, nerves. Desirable for men in many cases if over aggressive, poison bite, slings, snake bites, chills and lever, sluggish feeling, important poison antidote, prevent allergic reactions, hives, etc., spinal meningitis
Black Currant
Purifying, used by many herbalists to improve eyesight, flush the kidneys and energize the entire body
Black Walnut Hulls
Cleanse parasites and worms, skin rashes, lupus, restore nerve flow after electric shock or struck by lightening, tooth enamel, autonomic nervous system
Black Walnut Extract
Herpes, ringworm, impetigo, rebuild tooth enamel
Black Walnut Meat
The nut meat itself, not the hull, is a source of the important trace element Manganese, the “love element.” When white rats are deprived of manganese, they eat their young. Manganese deficiencies can cause foot odor.
Weight loss, thyroid, used in kidney problems with other herbs, important mineral source
Blessed Thistle
Brings oxygen to brain, lungs, heart; reduces senility, loss of memory, brain anemia; increases mother’s milk production; important for L-dopamine
Blueberry Leaf
Blue Cohosh
Epilepsy, regulate monthly cycle, childbirth, cleans genetic machinery, secondary syphilis
Blue Flag
Lymphatics, clean vein to liver, cleans all body fluids for efficient body function
Blue Vervain
Calm nerves, clear uterus walls, cleans cattle after birth
“Flu”* and colds with fever, 40 to 80 drops of extract hourly until well; as the name implies, it has been used historically to assist healing of broken bones.
*As used on this website, the word “flu” is used in the colloquial sense of general nausea, vomiting, coughing, and chest congestion (with or without fever) other than diagnosed “influenza.”
Brewer’s Yeast
Energy, promote digestion, B Complex source
Broad Beans
Source of L-dopamine, nutrient to pituitary, Parkinson’s
Kidney, urinary pain, bladder discomfort, prostate irritation. Difficult urination, lower back pain, pain around or near navel from kidney, coats kidney stones. Laxative herb, gentle and effective, gout (uric acid buildup).
Heart, circulation — soften hardening of arteries and veins, regulate heart beat, positive corrective effects on all glands which touch autonomic nervous system especially the pituitary gland
Reduce swelling and deposits in joints; blood and liver purifier; gout, eczema, boils, acne, carry dead cells out of the body
Butcher’s Broom
Improve circulation, phlebitis, leg cramps, varicose veins, promote healthy cell growth, clean veins, hemorrhoids, circulation, drain excessive “water on the brain”
C   [Back to Top]
Stop bleeding, bowel and intestinal adhesions. Positive effect on gall bladder and small intestine, white birth marks
Stop unnatural bleeding of all kinds, stop heart attack and prevent strokes, heal bleeding stomach ulcers, cuts, improve circulation to extremities, strokes, blood pressure equalizer, colds, mucus, calms nerves and anxiety, energy, work around blood clots, hemorrhoids, stop hemorrhage during period, shock
Carrot Root
A high quality, bioactive vegetable source of safe, non-toxic, vitamin A for skin and eyes. Sweeps all internal surfaces clean and flushes out mucus
Cascara Sagrada
Excellent laxative, non-habit forming, tones lazy bowel and increases peristaltic action, encourage bile flow, expel and dissolve gall stones
Nerves, “flu”*, fevers, gall bladder remedy, digestive aid, nervous high blood pressure, colic (intestinal gas), expels gas, cigarette craving, colds, hiccups
*As used on this website, the word “flu” is used in the colloquial sense of general nausea, vomiting, coughing, and chest congestion (with or without fever) other than diagnosed “influenza.”
Calming baby and children’s remedy, also for “big babies”; teething, pineal gland, stomach, stop smoking, insomnia, improve appetite, drug withdrawal, nerves
Tumors, cancer (when used with red clover), tissue cleanser/builder, arthritis
Help remove toxins, poisons, pollutants, bacteria, chemicals
Chaste Tree Berry
Used since classical Greek times to relieve the torments of menopause. May also be used in conjunction with True Saffron (40 drops of each extract 3 times per day) and/or Wild Yam.
Chestnut Leaf
Varicose veins, hemorrhoids, spider veins
Appetite depressant, burn fat, dissolve plaque from veins, lose weight, soften abnormally hardened tissues and structures, ears, restore hearing, throat, tumors, bronchial aid
Chicory Root
Clean spleen and lymphatics, liver, low blood sugar, clean out mucus which prevents normal absorption and secretions of the body, uric acid neutralizer, gout, stomachic herb
Promote natural immunity, take daily to live well and longer
Builds immunity against everything which attacks the body. Prevents and reverses infections. Prevents formation of “bad cells.” Promote, restore, and maintain “vigor of sexual activity.”
Chippewa Pine
An outstanding natural source of Vitamin C given to us by the Canadian Indians (Iroquois and Chippewa) to repair connective tissue and prevent the effects of premature aging. Prevent colds and “flu”*. Elimination of “free radicals” (poisons that can build up from body functions that cause illness and premature aging).
*As used on this website, the word “flu” is used in the colloquial sense of general nausea, vomiting, coughing, and chest congestion (with or without fever) other than diagnosed “influenza.”
Folk names: Peruvian Bark, Jesuit’s Bark. The bark is a natural source for quinine, which is a good preventative and treatment for malaria. Contains quinine, which is an antiseptic, and prevents fermentation and putrefaction. Quinine is also given to stimulate uterine contractions in labor. However we must mention that quinine should only be taken in small, infrequent doses unless under medical supervision, as even moderate doses can interfere with the oxygen-carrying function of the red corpuscles.
Kidney, goiter, cancer
Settles stomach (for extra strength combine with Cinnamon), toothache pain, cancer pains, cancer
Bone builder, tissue healer, pulled tendon, bruises
Coughs, stops smoking
Kidney, bladder, painful urination, prostate, prostate, balance body acids to kidney, bedwetting, coat kidney stones
Stops cramping aids child birth, give with False Unicorn Root for male and female fertility. Astringent for wrinkle smoother, after shave, remove heavy metals from body diarrhea.
Culver’s Root
Time-tested and true and reliable bowel cleaner (1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of liquid extract per day)
D    [Back to Top]
Hormone balancer, infertility, frigidity (sexual stimulant for both genders), repair severed nerves, restore feeling to tips of body, Parkinson's disease, hot flashes
Dandelion Leaf
Vitamin A (non-harmful type), potassium, skin, eyes, strong muscles, strength, low blood sugar
Dandelion Root
Mineral storehouse, organic iron, sodium, sulfur and others, joints, stomach, skin disorders, anemia, liver/blood cleanser, endurance, age spots, hepatitis
Devil’s Claw
Resilient desert herb able to withstand the tortures of desert heat and arid conditions capable of putting deteriorating bones back together and reversing the condition of arthritis
Dong Quai
Female herb especially for women of child-bearing age, helps alleviate blood clots, menstrual cramping; hot flashes, hormone balance, nerves, muscle spasms
Thyroid, cold hand, feet, tip of nose, unusual fears, nightmares, anxiety, goiter, excessive sweating
E    [Back to Top]
Natural antibiotic, supports lymphatic and immune systems, blood purifier/builder, opens or dissolves old, deep, blue, chronic conditions, cysts on body and around tooth root, give with laxative If dissolving growths or cysts, raise immunity. Especially effective antibiotic when combined with Golden Seal.
Elderberry (Flowers)
Herb for all seasons, sexual stimulant for both sexes, longevity, colds, “flu”*, complete systems overhaul especially lungs and digestive tract, bronchial cleaner, removes asbestos from lungs, diabetes, clean internal surfaces
*As used on this website, the word “flu” is used in the colloquial sense of general nausea, vomiting, coughing, and chest congestion (with or without fever) other than diagnosed “influenza.”
Asthma first aid, hay fever, hives, arthritis, stimulant much like adrenaline, takes the place of cortisone, promotes weight loss by increasing metabolism rate
Colds, coughs, dry spot behind nose and upper throat, antibiotic, prolapsed uterus
Evening Primrose
Depression, M.S., brain, spinal cord, skin problems
Most all eye problems, restore retina, oxygenation of head
F    [Back to Top]
False Unicorn Root
Help prevent miscarriage, male/female glandular problems, impotence, anxiety, upset stomach, fluid retention, gas, colic, general tonic, (take with Crampbark for male or female fertility or to prevent miscarriage)
Curb appetite, enrich mother’s milk, digestive aid, flavoring
Migraine headaches (when taken regularly as a preventive), muscular tension
Ulcers, stomach, intestines
French Vanilla
Lifts spirits, tastes good, sexual stimulant perfume
G    [Back to Top]
Normalize blood pressure, yeast, bacterial and viral infections, colds, cleaner, antibiotic, slimming, vaginal douche
Excellent digestion aid, oxygenator, blood sugar regulator, breaks down fat deposits, arteriosclerosis cancer, antibiotic, nerves, ear infections.
Intestinal gas, motion and morning sickness, “flu”*, diarrhea, settle stomach, digestion aid, circulation, kind to women, energy.
*As used on this website, the word “flu” is used in the colloquial sense of general nausea, vomiting, coughing, and chest congestion (with or without fever) other than diagnosed “influenza.”
Ginkgo Biloba
This tree was on earth at the time of the dinosaurs and has been restored to us through its modern day discovery in China and the miraculous storage of its seeds inside a naturally formed hollow rock. When the seeds were planted, they grew! Improves memory (both long and short term) for those of all ages, keeps energy flowing to the brain and nervous system, very useful to recover from strokes and low blood sugar (safe for diabetics).
Ginseng, American
Produced in limited quantities when available, it’s considered the leader of all “longevity plants.” Contains exactly what the glands of the body need to do their job. The extract, when taken in amounts of 80 drops or more at a time, acts as a safe stimulant where you “pay as you go“ and not “fly now and crash later.” The Chinese (both men and women) who have taken Ginseng for millennia prefer our True American to their own.
Ginseng, Korean
Energy, glandular nutrients, boron source for arthritis sufferers, nerve food, “well being,” hormonal.
Ginseng, Siberian
Stamina, safe stimulant, take with protein, anti-stress energy, promote well-being, adrenal nutrient, allergies
Gold Thread
Produces disgust of alcohol when combined with Golden Seal. Used by itself to prevent pinworms, general tonic, apply to ulcers in mouth, stomach ulcers, give occasionally to children especially "picky" eaters.
Golden Bough (Mistletoe)
Non-harmful parts of mistletoe, for worn out nerves and feeling of being “at the end of your rope” nerve-wise, high blood pressure from nerves, epilepsy.
Golden Seal
Infections (powerful antibiotic for most people), activates other herbs, varicose veins, stomach, natural insulin, cleanse urinary system. Especially effective when combined with Echinacea.
A remedy designed for the emotions by Dr. Edward Bach for conditions of “hopelessness; despair” Dr. Bach assures “the effect accumulates through continued and faithful use until it is no longer necessary.”
Gotu Kola
Brain food, memory, vitality, depression, senility, nerve food
Gravel Root
Dissolves stones and waste mineral deposits, kidneys, Impotence.
A good alternative to Chaparral, which is becoming hard to find; heavy duty, “industrial strength” blood and body cleaner and dissolver of “bad cells” — safe, non-toxic. Use with a good bowel cleaner and poison antidote to flush out the poisons cleaned out by Greasewood and help prevent “sick feelings” caused by the poisons being cleaned out.
Ground Ivy
Specific for removing lead and its poisoning effects from the body.
H   [Back to Top]
Heart and circulatory system support, hardening of the arteries, adrenals, stress, blood pressure; helps repair heart valves, rebuild heart and circulatory system, very slowly dilates blood vessels to normal.
He Shou Wo
A well-known and cherished herb in traditional Chinese medicine, whose scientific name is Polygonum multiflorum. It is now known, through modern investigative techniques, that He Shou Wu is very high in the vital trace element, Selenium. This knowledge allows us to better understand why it has been used with such success for cardiovascular “dis-ease” (heart and circulatory problems). As nearly as can be observed, this trace element works in a manner similar to Vitamin E. That is to say, it acts as an anti-oxidant and keeps body cells from breaking down more rapidly than they can be replaced. This also suggests the reason for continued reports of taking He Shou Wu and living long and well without the ravages of aging running rampant with an individual.
Insomnia, nervousness, hyperactive children, decrease desire for alcohol, female hormones, skin conditions
Coughs, colds, pain
Horsetail (Shavegrass)
Silicon source, strong nerves, nails, elastic skin and hair, Hair loss, diuretic, weak nails, helps calcium absorption; slow, but deep acting; drives out heavy metals and pushes foreign objects out of body, genetic cleaner, transmutes to calcium in the body as needed.
Arthritis, gout, kidney and bladder problems, dissolve stones and bony deposits throughout the body; very effective diuretic to eliminate swelling and fluid retention.
“Cleanse thyself” (Psalm 61:7); reconditions mucus membranes both respiratory and gastrointestinal, increase circulation and reduce blood pressure, lymphatic, spleen, malfunction, lymphatics.
I    [Back to Top]
Indian Tobacco
Nerves, spasms, rub on "Charlie horses", cramping, poison antidote, asthma, empty stomach, anti-spasmodic, food poisoning, correct bronchials, medulla, expel dead fetus.
Cancer, remove heavy metals, skin rashes, awakes entire glandular system, drive out heavy metals including mercury, helps prevent cancer-type cells.
J    [Back to Top]
Jerusalem Artichoke
Nutrient herb, wild sunflower root, can be eaten by diabetics without digestion problems.
Juniper Berries
Feed pancreas, adrenals, kidneys; diuretic, digestion aid; supports immune system; aids with dropsy, uric acid
K   [Back to Top]
Thyroid, goiter, food for all glands, hair loss, cleanse radiation from body
Klamath Weed (St. John’s Wort)
Shaking disorders, bedwetting (take every night before going to bed), discomfort of tail-bone (coccyx) area, eliminates bronchitis. Take with Aloe to drive morbid flakes of matter from liver out through urine.
Heal broken bones, build strong bones, lung, bruises, bumps, restore rapid healthy cell growth, ulcer in mouth, the powder sticks to hurt spots to form a protective healing patch, sprinkle powder on irritated rubbed spots, such as groin and thighs.
Korean Ginseng
Energy, glandular nutrients, boron source for arthritis sufferers, nerve food, well-being, hormonal.
L   [Back to Top]
Lady’s Slipper
Gives whole strength to nervous system to calm anxiety, allows one to sleep, holds stress at arms length, medulla, epilepsy.
Cancer, candida, arteriosclerosis, genetic cleaner, prevent cancer, malaria, oxygenator, arthritis.
Lemon Grass
The pleasant taste of lemon, this herb has long been proven through continuous use to be associated with longevity and staying well for a long time.
Licorice Root
Adjust blood sugar, quick energy, adrenal nutrients, stamina, allergies, cough, hoarseness, anti- stress, cardiac valve of stomach, takes place of cortisone, helps as hormone source in menopause or after hysterectomy.
Flowers taken as tea or extract is one of the most popular herbs in Germany and noted in German herbal literature for calming the nerves. Safe, no side effects, not habit forming.
Asthma, congestion, pneumonia, pleurisy, strong relaxant
M    [Back to Top]
Male Fern
Tape worms, parasites, adhesions.
Swollen tonsils, mumps, swollen testicles, coat stones, bladder and kidney infections, bed wetting, soothes inflammations and irritations.
Milk Thistle
(liquid extract of the seed) protector and detoxifier of the liver, exhibits the ability to devour numerous poisons ("free radicals") which affect the liver and very useful in rebuilding damaged livers.
Milkweed Root
Inflamed stomach, joints, lymphatics, warts.
Used by Dr. Edward Bach as an emotional remedy for "fear of anxiety of known origin..." extract to be taken at the rate of 3 drops 4 times per day. Dr. Bach assures the effect accumulates and advised its use until it is no longer necessary.
Heart, repair kidneys if protein leaking (Bright's Disease) into urine, deobstruent for morbid mucus in body.
Worms, sea sickness, leg pains (rub into area) important for B-6.
Asthma, nervous cough, lung and sinus congestion, TB, disorders of lungs, testicles, tonsils, bleeding from bowel or lung, warts; supports thymus gland.
Mullein Flower Oil (Verbascum thapus oleum flores)
Joint repair, stretch marks, ear ache.
Mullein Oil is used to ease ear aches. Warm the oil and put several drops of the Mullein Oil on a cotton ball and insert into the ear. Change the cotton ball morning and night as needed. It is also used to repair damaged joints whether of recent origin or old damage. Apply liberally 4 times per day to the damaged joint until well. Mullein Oil is also used to prevent stretch marks in women who are expecting. Prevents stretch marks when pregnant or during weight loss if applied to the breasts and abdominal areas morning and night. Mullein Oil corrects joint problems and chronic joint problems of long standing. Apply liberally to the area several times per day.
Antibiotic, healer, gums, catalyst herb. itching, virus infections, nerves.
N    [Back to Top]
Skin, promotes circulation, lets down mother’s milk, kidneys.
O    [Back to Top]
Oat Straw
Excellent silicon source, strong nerves, skin and hair, acne, boils, slower acting but deep acting remedy take for minimum of four months, can produce calcium in system biologically.
Oil of Cajeput
Yeast infections, antibiotic, cuts thick chronic mucus, aromatic, inhale to open congested nose, apply to Congested chest or sore throat.
Oregon Grape
Lymphatics, tumors, obstructions.
One of the herbs much respected by herbalists for its anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties.
P   [Back to Top]
Bad breath, blood builder, kidneys, diuretic, strengthen eyes; Excellent iron source, energy, diuretic for fluid retention, sodium (non-harmful type) and potassium for joints and muscles, provides B-Complex. enemy of tumors, autonomic nervous system, neutralizes excess stomach acid, Sage, Chickweed, Parsley and F.P.-W if one can’t retain iron.
Partridge Berry (Squaw Vine)
Excellent ”female herb,” all urinary complaints.
Passion Flower
Eye infection and tension, stress, headache, sleep, nerves, anxiety, female hormones, high blood pressure.
Pau D’arco
Historically used for cancer, leukemia, tumors, yeast infection
Ensure regular period. apply externally to keep away insects, clean out stagnant blood, Rich potassium source, strong muscles, tastes good diluted in water as a tea, settles stomach, stabilize blood sugar and normalizes other mineral levels especially calcium, magnesium. sodium and iron.
Peppermint Oil
Oxygenator, settles stomach, motion sickness, apply to headache area, refreshes breath, cooling, apply to temples, forehead, tongue and back of neck it fever.
Pink Root
Proven remedy, parasites, worms, nonpoisonous, use especially during time of full moon for greatest effectively as parasites are most active at this time.
Venereal disease, fluid retention, poor urinary flow, pus and/or blood in urine, joint problems due to gonorrhea. chronic relaxed bladder. (Mixes well with inkberry, Prickly Ash, Yellow Dock, Dandelion Root and Golden Seal.)
Poison antidote, mosquito bites, bee stings, blood poisoning, wet gauze applications for poison ivy herpes and fever blisters apply directly to area. same for throat and inflamed fingernails, enriches mother's milk, draws foreign objects from body. Take daily to neutralize environmental poisons as can be done with Black Cohosh or Virginia Snake Root.
Pleurisy Root (Orange Butterfly Milkweed)
Lungs, high blood pressure. warts. remove fluid from lungs, good all around children's remedy in small amounts. increase skin moisture, bronchitis, relieves difficulty breathing.
Loose teeth, spongy bleeding gums, ulcerated mouth and throat, mix with honey for hoarseness, tools inflammations, cleans out tumors.
Prickley Ash
Sweeps away fatigue. sate stimulant to nervous system, toothache, sore roots of teeth and gums, helpful in paralysis of tongue and mouth, increase moisture it dry mouth, adrenals.
Protein Extract
The best of milk proteins, easily digested, low blood sugar. diabetics, take regularly for four months for youthful stamina, convalescence, raise immunity.
Psyllium Hulls (Psyllium Seed)
Constipation, add bulk and softness to stool, absorb toxins
Pumpkin Seed
Worms, parasites, prostate, important for zinc, bedwetting.
Purple Loosestrife
Eye problems of all kinds, blindness, shock, yeast infections.
Q    [Back to Top]
Applied externally, this fruit extract is much noted and used as a skin softener and conditioner.
R   [Back to Top]
Red Clover
Historically used for cancer, tumors, skin problems, nerve food; Blood builder, mineral source, deobstruent
Red Raspberry
Overal female tonic, childbirth, nausea, diarrhea
Red Raspberry Leaf
Take all during pregnancy, makes an excellent tea for both sexes, hernia.
Red Root
Apply directly and/or internally for skin cancer, eczema, gums when bothered by plaque, emphysema.
Rice Bran
B-Complex, low blood sugar. energy. non-yeast source, well being, better nerve function, healthy skin.
Rose Hips
Natural vitamin C, colds, “flu”*, infection, blood purifier
*As used on this website, the word “flu” is used in the colloquial sense of general nausea, vomiting, coughing, and chest congestion (with or without fever) other than diagnosed “influenza.”
Hair, retain hair color, night sweats, nightmares, stimulates hormones, add to shampoo.
Royal Jelly
Manufactured by the honey bee which transforms a regular worker bee into a Queen Bee. The Queen receives everything she needs in Royal Jelly to become extremely fertile and live many times longer than the normal life time of bees. It's often taken for times of stress by men and women and is especially nutritious to the reproductive systems of both men and women. Can be rubbed into troubled areas of skin.
Sharpen eyesight, keep away bugs, tennis elbow, ensures period.
Ruptures, salts for the blood. promotes and encourages strong muscles, encourages healthy cell growth, eye problems.
S    [Back to Top]
Helps produce normal stomach acid (digest vitamins and minerals better), anemia, Iron source, reduces uric acid, balances blood sugar, muscle soreness, gout, digestion, help reduce cholesterol
Female hormones, hot flashes, menopause, digestive aid for both sexes, restores nerve flow to damaged nerves, use with Safflowers for itching
Dry up breast milk, night sweats, worms, sore gums/throat, gray hair (restores hair), sexual stimulant, medulla, fibrous tumors in women
Deobstruent (bulldozer), dissolves tumors
Energy, hormonal for both sexes (help body make male hormones, which are needed by both men and women), impotency, body building, venereal disease, hot flashes, genetic cleanser
Antidote for tobacco and tobacco smoking, sober up, dissolves blood clots, thins too-thick blood, excellent spring tonic, spray on poison ivy or make wet gauze applications
Saw Palmetto
Excellent, especially for men but also used for women, to ensure proper sexual development and function, enlarges breasts for women in many cases, promotes firm flesh weight, infertility, help weight gain, throat and bronchial problems
A tried-and-true safe herbal bowel cleaner; works best when taken with extra water, as it uses water lavishly to flush out the lower bowel
Calms and repairs nerves, restlessness, nerve and muscle spasms, convulsions, hysteria, shaking disorders
Sheep Sorrel
Source of vitamin C and used in an anti-cancer formula
Shepherd’ Purse
Kidneys, stop excessive menstruation, internal bleeding of lungs, intestine, hemorrhoids, etc., fevers, ringing in the ears, high and low blood pressure, all systems which pump or circulate in the body, tone bowel
Siberian Ginsent
Stamina, safe stimulant, take with protein, anti-stress energy, promote well-being, adrenal nutrient, allergies
Skunk Cabbage
Nerves, convulsions, antispasmodic, whooping cough, hay fever, anxiety
Slippery Elm
Ulcers, acid stomach, soothe irritated mucous membranes; nutrient, healer; clean out appendix area, clean gas pockets, apply dry herb powder to sores, bed sores, wounds, clean gall bladder; hearing problems, tumors of tongue and/or throat, skin rashes
Sow Thistle
An energy source of which a rabbit will snatch a nip while in mid leap escaping the hounds for that extra burst of energy to escape life threatening situations
An expectorant to remove mucus from the breathing passages and frequently added to cough and cold formulas. Apply 3 or more times per day to the lung and throat areas. Works especially well when followed by Herbal Adj. (Herbal Adjustment Combination) to the same areas
A blue-green aquatic algae plant possessing a multitude of vitamins and minerals as well as a source of high quality vegetable protein
Digestive aid, cystic fibrosis, promotes normal stomach acid, speeds healing
Stone Root
Dissolves stones and cleans heart valves and blood vessel valves of mineral deposits, hemorrhoids, and all rectal complaints
Strawberry Leaf
Tonic to regulate body, eczema, night sweats
Digestive aid, tumors, dry tickling sensation with colds, prevent spread of whooping cough, tobacco cough
Sunflower Seed
Good-tasting vegetable source of vitamin D (the “sunshine vitamin”) for strong, healthy bones and teeth. Sunflower seeds are most desired by wild life in the back yard for its anti-stress properties and high quality essential oils needed by every cell in the body to enable them to withstand the rigors of winter.
Sweet Root (Calamus Root)
Strong digestive aid, tumors, builds immunity, digests debris from body as does Gentian, prevent “flu”*, oxygenator
*As used on this website, the word “flu” is used in the colloquial sense of general nausea, vomiting, coughing, and chest congestion (with or without fever) other than diagnosed “influenza.”
T    [Back to Top]
Ensures menstrual period, shrinks tumors rapidly, parasites
Calms nerves, supports thymus gland, high in iron, promotes immunity, strengthen lungs, relieves nightmares, gas, ill disposition
Turkey Rhubarb
Constipation or flush out diarrhea, weight loss through colon cleanse, kidney and bladder, clean spleen, clean up white discharge, iron, leukemia-specific
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Uña De Gato (Cat’s Claw)
Traditional use and folk knowledge shows this jungle vine to be used for arthritis, rheumatism, cancer, gastritis, and irregularities of the female cycle. By raising the immunity, it makes it virtually impossible for anything to attack the body or for a disease to remain in the body.
Uva Ursi
Spleen, bladder and kidney infections, cystitis, gonorrhea, diabetes, rest/sleep, silicone source, Parkinson’s
V    [Back to Top]
Vinca (Periwinkle)
High blood pressure, hair loss, to make pair bonding stronger in a marriage
Natural tranquilizer, pain, muscle spasms, nerves, promote sleep, poison antidote, poison bites of all kinds, heart and circulation become stronger and fuller, cold hands and feet
W    [Back to Top]
Liver, gall bladder cleaner (use in small amounts), assists pancreas and spleen
Wheat Germ
Natural source of complete vitamin E complex from embryo of wheat grain, also contains B-Complex, breathe easier, take if can't lose weight, nourishes eyes, reproductive glands and skin, oxygen extender
White Oak Bark
Hemorrhoids, varicose veins, pyorrhea, stop bleeding, sinus problems, gums, loose teeth, antibiotic, ulcerative colitis, wet gauze for external applications, mouth ulcers
White Pond Lily
For all male and female disorders, diuretic
Whole Apricot
Source of vitamins B15 and B17, natural cyanide content kills cancerous cells, while supporting healthy cells
Wild Cherry Bark
The original time honored Chippewa Indian remedy for coughs and colds. It was the ingredient of the original “Smith Brothers Cough Drops” that made them really work. Allow 40 drops of extract per hour (while awake) to trickle down the throat until well.
Wild Lettuce
Calms nerves, give for pain, important for natural iodine, migraine, toothache
Wild Rose Hips
Natural source of vitamin C complex and valuable associated substances to help connective tissue and neutralize poisons, build immunity, stimulates peristalsis, colds, coughs, healthy tissue, heater, repair blood vessels, stops bruising, helps absorb calcium
Wild Yam
Liquefy and drain sinus mucus, sickle-cell anemia, women? hormone source. Use topically on scars to prevent and reduce effects of scars.
Natural aspirin, headache, fevers
Wood Betony
Oxygenator, heal-all, excellent general purpose herb, glaucoma, migraines, headaches
Worms, round worms, other parasites, keeps bugs away
X    [Back to Top]
Non-calorie sweetner, promotes dental health
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Relieves obstructed perspiration, nosebleeds, chicken pox, colds/fever/“flu”*, oxygenator, nerves, diabetes, colon virus, yeast infections, anti-viral, important for natural sodium (non-harmful type), bedwetting
*As used on this website, the word “flu” is used in the colloquial sense of general nausea, vomiting, coughing, and chest congestion (with or without fever) other than diagnosed “influenza.”
Yellow Dock
Anemia, blood purifier, acne, liver, hepatitis, skin problems, good source of Iron, energy, detergent, itching, clean the liver, combine with Burdock for "shingles", dilute and wet gauze for external application to area
Yerba Santa
African aphrodisiac, especially good for men; hot flashes, promotes sexual function
Natural cortisone, arthritis, joint inflammation, lubricates joints, anti- stress agent, digestion, keeps body from drying out, restores skin moisture, glaucoma

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