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Introduction to Natural Health Modalities
Chinese Medicine | Herbology | Iridology | Sclerology | Specialties


As defined by Dr. Bernard Jensen, the “father” of American Iridology, “Iridology is the study of the iris of the eye to determine strengths and weaknesses in the body.” By locating markings in the iris of the eye, the trained Iridologist can determine where there are strengths, weaknesses, and deficiencies in the body.

Iridology is the only science that tells inherent weaknesses. We die from our inherent weaknesses. Disease migrates to our weaknesses. We become toxic laden because we cannot detoxify. Inherent weaknesses tell us where the minerals are needed.

The true originator of Iridology was a Hungarian physician named Ignatz von Peczely.

In approximately 1861 at about 11 years of age, von Peczely noticed an owl in a tree in his backyard. He tried to catch the owl, and in so doing he accidentally broke one of the owl's legs. He then noticed a dark stripe immediately develop in the lower part of the owl's iris. He dressed the owl's leg and nursed it back to health and let it go. However, the owl stayed around, and later von Peczely noticed the appearance of white and crooked lines in the part of the iris where the dark stripe had been.

At the same time von Peczely was involved with his owl, Nils Liljequist of Sweden, then 14 years old, was vaccinated and became sick with enlargement of the lymph glands of the neck, coughing, malaria, influenza, and pains in the limbs. He was treated with external applications of iodine and was finally prescribed Quinine. As years passed he observed his irises changing more and more, and in 1871 he published a paper entitled: “Quinine And Iodine Change The Color Of The Iris; I Formerly Had Blue Eyes, They Are Now A Greenish Color With Reddish Spots.” In 1864 he broke two ribs and noticed the changes in his iris. In 1893 he published an atlas with 258 black and white drawings and 12 colored double-iris drawings called “Diagnosis From The Eye.”

Today, Dr. Bernard Jensen is known as one of America’s foremost pioneering nutritionists and Iridologists. Beginning his career in 1929 as a chiropractor, he soon turned to the art of nutrition in search of remedies for his own health problems. He later observed firsthand the cultural practices of people in over 55 countries. In 1955 he established the Hidden Valley Health Ranch in Escondido, California, as a retreat and learning center based upon the healing principles of nature. During his illustrious career, he examined over 350,000 eyes.

Older Versions of Iridology Charts

1. Nils Liljequist, 1886, from Sweden
2. Peter Thiel, from Germany
3. Heinrich Hense, from Germany
4. Boris de Bardo, from France
5. Dr. Manuel Lazaeta Acharan, from Chili

The Most Common “Eye Signs”

Eye Color Variations
1. Brown
2. Blue
3. Mixed
4. Other Eye Colors: Green, Hazel, etc.

The Disease Stages & Levels of Inflammation
1. Acute - White
2. Subacute - Gray
3. Chronic - Dark Gray
4. Degenerative - Black

Specific Iridology Signs
 1. Anemia in the Extremities (Venus Congestion-Blue Ring)
 2. Arcus Sinilus (Brain Anemia-White Cap)
 3. Assimilation Ring (Overacid or Underacid Stomach)
 4. Body Acidity (Overacid Body Chemistry)
 5. Bowel Problems (Pockets, Prolapses, Irritable Bowel (Colitis), Ballooning, Spastic, Diarrhea)
 6. Calcium Out of Solution (White Ring)
 7. Cholesterol Ring (Yellowish Ring)
 8. Constitutions (Strong, Medium, Weak)
 9. Drug Spots/Deposits (Chemical Deposit)
10. Healing Signs (Program Showing Results)
11. Heart Trouble
12. Irritation of Nervous System (Stressed Out)
13. Lesions/Lacunae (Open & Closed) (Inherent Weaknesses)
14. Lymphatic Rosary (Allergies, Hayfever, Weakened Immune System)
15. Nerve/Stress/Sensitivity Rings (Stress Affecting Body)
16. Pupil (Enlarged, Small or Irregular)
17. Radaii Solaris (Minor & Major) - (Toxic Lines, Parasites, Liver Lines)
18. Scurf Rim (Poor Skin Elimination)
19. Sodium Ring (Hardening of the Arteries).


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