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“… out of Tziyon will go forth Torah, the word of ADONAI from Yerushalayim.”
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Jew and Gentile (Synagogue and Church), one in Messiah. (Ephesians 2:14)
“For He is our peace, Who made both one, and broke down the middle wall of partition, …”

If your life is not in jeopardy for what you believe, you’re probably on the wrong side!
“Indeed, all who want to live a godly life united with the Messiah Yeshua will be persecuted.” (2Tim 3:12)
It is what you actually believe that determines how you walk out your faith, “but avoid stupid controversies, genealogies, quarrels and fights about the Torah; because they are worthless and futile.” (Titus 3:9)

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Please Note: Nothing on this website should be taken as anti-Church. I am not anti-anything or anyone. I am only pro-Torah, pro-Truth, and pro-Grace. Sometimes the Truth upsets our long-held beliefs. Why isn’t my theology consistent throughout this website?

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Developing a
Systematic Messianic Theology

“The purpose of careful theological formulations is not to put barriers in the way of people who are seeking salvation, but to define clearly the truths upon which genuine [Biblical] faith rests, so that people will not be misled by false doctrines.”[Bowman]

This topic has yet to be writtenThis topic has yet to be writtenMan’s Moral Duty

What is man’s moral duty toward God and toward his fellow man?

Let me begin this topic by stating outright that I do not believe there is any such thing as a true “atheist,” one who is truly convinced that God does not exist. First and foremost, one has to think about God — a lot — in order to arrive at, and continue to hold, the opinion that He does not exist. I believe that a person who says that he (or she) does not believe in God because His existence cannot be scientifically proven to that person’s satisfaction is actually an agnostic, one “without knowledge” of God. The remainder of those who claim to be atheists, I believe, fall into one of two categories. Either (a) they know that God exists but He has allowed something to happen that the person did not want to happen, so that person is actually angry at God for failing to bend to that person’s desires; or (b) the person knows that God exists, but because of pride refuses to acknowledge His authority over his life (as the archangel Lucifer did), and since judgment is certain, the person simply choses to define God out of existence. See also “The Existence of God.”



The “Moral Law”




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